Honest ClickFunnels Review 2020- How Can Affiliate Programme make you Millionaire?

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If you are an affiliate marketer or small business owner you must know about click funnels – landing page creator, funnel builder & online sales funnel builder that helps you increase conversions and make more money.

In this honest click funnels review post you will learn about.

How click funnels tool can help your business and lead generation.

Why should every digital marketer, affiliate marketer & small business owners use this sale funnel builder?

So let’s start…

If you talk an about my click funnels review before answering me just let me know. “If you are looking elegant design, optimized website speed, conversion-focused easily sale funnel & easy editable for non-techie. 

So click funnels can be a perfect solution for your blogging business, digital marketer, affiliate marketer & small business”

Affiliate programs are often said to be scams for the fast and fro ads that flow all over the internet. However, there are some of the things that act to be an indicator of spam – the timing of its existence in the market.

If that remains in the market for a longer session, then it is a general indication that it is not at all a spam, but a genuine affiliate marketing concern. This is the case with click funnels.

If you go through the click funnels review 2019, the entire thing will be cleared or you. Here is the detail of the same for your support.

What is ClickFunnels?

The first question that comes to your mind is – what Click funnel is? The simple answer to this is that it is a Landing page builder and the building platform for sales funnel. There are different things here, which when no disclosed will not reveal the real understanding of clickfunnels to you. The first of them is what sales funnel is. This is, to many a new concept and that cannot be resolved by any means.

Here the sales funnels are created and they are used to form new domains. That will be accessed by the visitors, who will be checking in through the process and become a member out there.

As he becomes a member, he is liable to buy items from the store of Clickfunnels or is liable to do the same procedure to make new sales funnels to get more clients for him. Thus the chain works n the case of Click funnel and the chain will be your affiliate. Hence, for each of the items they would buy and for each of the referrals they will bring, you are going to make an earning. 

What Are Funnels? How do Sales Funnels Work?

Sales funnels are the formation of the channel or the structure which you will be following to ensure that the sales activity at your site and other things are resulting in success. 

sales funnel
sales funnel blueprint

You all know it very well that it is not easy to make all the visitors of your site listen to what you are saying, and over that, it is tougher again to make them buy your product. To make this happen, there lie the sales funnels. This is the real structure that will ensure that your sales force does everything to convert your visitors to clients. The idea or the steps that are generated to ensure that a sales structure will actually work to bring success in converting a visitor to a client is called the Sales Funnel. 

Now coming back to what Click Funnel is – This is the tool that will help you run a landing page and will help you to create multiple landing pages that will do the task of converting the visitors to a client. Now, while you do that, you will be making earning – as each of the visitors will be a reference of yours to the core items of a Click funnel. Each of those earnings will turn your fate. 

Overview of ClickFunnels Review Features 

Your question by going through what has been sated till now is – whether click funnels actually work? When you go through the clickfunnels review, the first thing that you will find is related to the users of the affiliate channel.

According to the users, they could not manage a thick earning at the beginning but managed the same as time went by. Thus, one thing is very much clear – there is no clear understanding of the concept of clickfunnels affiliate. This is the reason that the users are unable to get a proper understanding of the thing from the very beginning. 

According to some of the users, they after waiting for a year-long wished to move towards the clickfunnels competitors, since they were not able to make out any earning within a year.

Keeping these things in the overview, the need of the hour is to make the understanding of Click funnels very much clear. Here is the overview of its features, that will help you understand the thing clearly–

ClickFunnels review - Funnel Type Chooser

Landing Page Creator

The first question is why to create a landing page. The simple concept is website building. You are going to bring out your own website, which is not exactly a blog, where you will be narrating a lot about the different concepts. A landing page is not exactly what is required in case of a blog. You will need those only when you are going to deploy some sales forces or wish to earn something. The very basic thing in clickfunnels landing page is that you will need a sales force, or members to participate, hence, unless the members are created, you are not going to get a boost up. Hence, your landing page will have membership plans and login or signup features. Now, that is not possible in case of WordPress sites and that is made possible at Click Funnels.

Making people a member for you

Now, keeping a membership plan is not enough to make your visitors sign up there. There are different things that are attached with it, following which you can turn out them to as clients or members. Different sites won‘t have that support by any means to help you do that, but that is the main task of a Click funnel. It will allow you to create a funnel that will work perfectly for bringing in the visitors and making them your clients. 

Creation of Sales Funnel

As has been told earlier, the primary action of click funnel is to create sales funnel. This sales funnel will promote your business and will bring in membership. Now, polishing your style to approach your visitors and making them your client is absolutely on you. You can design the landing page in a way and customize it upside down, but the way you bring in the visitors and convert them to clients is completely on you.

Readers to Support You

In this case, the books of clickfunnels russell brunson are going to work perfectly for you. There are different things that are going to help you in this case. First of all, the books will be acting as the affiliate support as you will be getting 40% of the charges as commission.

Moreover, they will guide you about how to turn your visitors to clients. Another thing that you will get here is the increase in your income as you will be finding your clients too in getting the readers to learn to do the affiliate marketing. In the meantime, you will be earning a commission for your referrals.

Get referrals and make income

Everything that you will be doing in terms of getting a new domain for each of your landing pages, in making the landing page grab more visitors and in terms of converting the visitors to clients is going to aid success for your own business. At the same time, you are also going to get the best earnings from the referrals that you will be producing from the clients and from the site.

Each of the clients who will join Click funnels, you will get a commission and each of the clients when buys a book or a reader from click funnels, you will get a commission. In the first case, for the purchase of click funnels software, you will get a commission of 5% and in the second case, you will get a commission of about 40%. Thus, better the sales funnel you create, better will be the referrals and better the referrals, better will be the income for you.

Customization Support

The landing page and the sales funnels are fully customizable and you can customize those at ease, from A to Z. There is not a single portion of the page, which you will not be able to customize and which you will not be able to prepare for making your sales funnel better. Now how to create your sales funnel in a better style can be learned and you can be accustomed to it while you go through the readers.

Available Templates

The templates that usually comes, as you will come across while willing to create your clickfunnels ecommerce, are all tested and for a beginner. At the initial stage, while you are not ready to understand the mentality of your visitors and able to convert them to clients, by providing them membership plan. Now as you will learn the process and start nurturing with success, you will be able to put the different initiations from your end.

Create and run your online business at ease

You find it tough to go through the ecommerce site of yours at the very inception state. There remain low traffic and low awareness. While you initiate clickfunnels affiliate login for your use, you can customize each and every page and every area of the site and at the same time, you will be earning referrals to enhance your profit margin. Ecommerce website making with their software is the next to the easiest task as you will need no coding knowledge and nothing special to make it.

What is the main work of Click funnel?

This is the thing that makes most of the users worried, even after using the tool for the last one year. Basically, when they find that they have added no points or no income in the bag from Click funnels then they start thinking of it. 

To be very much straight cut, click funnels works typically to increase your site’s sale and at the same time, you will be earning referrals for referring the other users to go for Click funnels, or to attaining the clickfunnels course. An example will be helping you here to understand in a better style. 

Lest say, you have chosen a free website creation DIY web host and have created a site under the domain name of them only. When your site address will look like this – “www. (Your Company name). (Hostname).com”. 

Now, at the footer of the site, you will find then – “This site has been created by (Host Name)” and you will also find that the host declares at the footer itself with a link – “Create your free site with Us”. Now when any one of the visitors of yours do click there and create a site for themselves, do they give you any commission? No, they won’t declare anything as the site that will be created might remain there for free, for the entire life.

However, this is not the case with Click Funnels. There is no free plan there with Click funnels; rather they have clickfunnels free trial. Hence, after the free term is over, one will have to buy some of the plans for sure. What Click funnels do is – they give you a commission out of the amount they earn. 

When you get some earning, it is quite natural, that you will spend some time on it and will try to make that earning more, especially when there is no upper limit to earn. For this reason, you create different funnels for supporting your affiliate marketing alongside with your eCommerce action. This is the basic area of working, for Click funnels.

What are the best parts of ClickFunnels?

Obviously, the best part of Click funnel is its affiliate terms. If you can nourish that well, with the help of clickfunnels tutorial, you will not have to spare a little time for that, but you will earn a lot from the affiliate marketing plan.

Just you will be doing your business and running your ecommerce site through the portal of Click funnels. You will find that the sale funnel that you would have created for the sake o your business growth acts perfectly for clickfunnels’ affiliate program. 

However, this is not everything that you will like in Click funnels. There are some of the other things that you will like very much about the program. Here is a list of the same, which will be handy for you to decide – 

The first thing lies on the landing page that the company provides. They are superbly created and perfected to the best extent, where you can easily customize each and every area, with your own texts, your own codes and even with your own gadgets. In one word, there is no obligation at all, while customization of your pages is restricted. 

The second aspect lies with the templates that come with the package. These templates are such designed that for a beginner, who is not exactly aware of creating his own sales funnel, it would be easy to get one such funnel and get accustomed with the feature. 

If you are looking for some multiple membership areas, then this is the best way for you to include the same in your website. You will need to do minute customization for making it your first landing page. When you go by the standard plan, you will be awarded the first domain as free to you. so, in that ways also you will be highly benefitted. 

Regarding the funnel creation, you are going to just do anything that you like to have. Create as many pages you need and integrate them with different gadgets that you might look for while installing your e-commerce site. This includes cloud storage function, instant billing methods and also PayPal integration for accepting payments from members and clients. 

You can even include multiple signing methods which will help you to find unlimited members in your site. You can also create other pages like pages for shipping or for shipment tracking and anything you want with full customization, where you can easily customize the fonts, colors, forms, and other things. 

The final thing that you will like about Clickfunnels is the training program. When you are new into the channel, you can easily participate in the clickfunnels training and earn benefits and commissions in a better style. In the training part, you will be able to hear from the top performers in the affiliate programs and hence can apply the same for you to get success.

Things I don’t like in Clickfunnels

Although click funnels are having multiple good sides, there are some areas which will not please you at all. Here are some of them for your understanding – 

The software that is used in the Click funnel is not at all easy to be understood, if you are not habituated with the thing then it would take a longer time for you to understand and even it can be thus that, you will not understand the thing unless you go through the clickfunnels webinar

For novice internet marketing personnel, the norms and the details of the portal and the mathematics that is behind the logical fit of the site can be very much complicated. The concept behind is such that you might lose or lapse much of your time to understand what you will have to do for getting proper earning from the affiliate marketing. 

Your site is completely mugged up with Click funnels. So, your landing page will go down, if the uptime of Click funnel is on the other way. So, if you are running your commerce platform from the click funnels, then you might have to get through some nuisances from your clients, at times. 

The support that you can expect is excellent here, but the response that you will get will wait for you for a couple of hours. So, if the issue is hampering your ecommerce, then the hamper will continue for some more hours, while you use Clickfunnels for your support. 

The final thing that will make you bit worried is related to the URL of your portal. This part is not customizable and this part will make out your domain name in such a way that you will find no way to make SEO for those. This particular thing might be regarded as a real-time nuisance, for sure.

Hence the best solution standing at this point of time is to get a customized domain name. However, if the thing is not hampering your business, then you can easily remain at the sub-domain of Clickfunnels.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans Review?

As you go for the clickfunnels sign up, you will meet the pricing table before you. There are different plans at that place, which starts with the novice and moves on to the experts. Here are the different plans that you are going to avail –

ClickFunnels Pricing

Plan for novice

The novice plan starts from 97 USD every month. This is simply to test out some of the audience. Now, if you can make out 1000/ month from there, then you can easily move up for the next stage or the next plans. For a beginner, who is also a novice in Internet Marketing, this plan is the most suitable one. It is better to get to this plan and spend more on the readers and the training. This will help you to earn more in the coming future. One of the biggest discrepancies that you will face here is the non-availability of the clickfunnels 14 day trial period. To be very clear, that pack is the one which is sold the most. 

Moving on to the next plan

The biggest limitation of the primary plan or the plan for the novice is that you are bound to 20000 visitors, 20 funnels and 100 pages. Thus you will be practising with this plan, but when you are going for the real affiliate part with Clickfunnels, the best choice is the prime or the 297$/month pack. This will cost you around 3500$ every year but will be opening up all the gates for you and making it easier for you to earn unlimited since here there is no limit of traffic, funnels or pages. 

There are two plans only for the ecommerce site makers and each of them is attached with different free trial periods. Hence, the support that you will get in each of the cases is perfect, standing at your level with Clickfunnels.

If you go deep, which you need to go, especially while you are focused on the affiliate marketing part, you will find that there is another additional plan for the beginners. This costs just 19$ a month, where you will be able to make only 3 funnels and 10 pages. It might look to you as a feeble plan, but for a novice and for a beginner, this will be an ideal plan to start off and learn the next things. 

This costs just 19$ a month, where you will be able to make only 3 funnels and 10 pages. It might look to you as a feeble plan, but for a novice and for a beginner, this will be an ideal plan to start off and learn the next things. 

3rd Party Integrations with Clickfunnels

This is another area that you must be looking for. If you are well knowledgeable about coding, then you can create API for many things and that will be ideal for you, as the thing is very much supported by the Clickfunnels. However, if you are not such an IT-oriented person, then also you can find different plug-ins that go with Clickfunnels. 

Your first concern must be to integrate it with WordPress. It is obvious that you will not pay so high to make your blogs. If you are paying that is either for your ecommerce or for your affiliate marketing, or in one word, where you have the source of income. Hence, the place which you need for your performance is definitely the WordPress. Integration of Clickfunnels with that of WordPress is easy to be made, as you will get plug-in for the same in the WordPress plug-in store. 

Adding SMS or mail service or even social media sharing is very much easy to be enlisted and functioned from your Clickfunnels dashboard. Another great integration that you might be looking for is the clickfunnels, shopify collaboration. Having this tool with you will ease out many things, which you often faced in the case of other applications. 

The last thing that has to be mentioned here separately is the integration of PayPal with your clickfunnels. You can easily put the Paypal buttons ‘on your page and in the ecommerce buy mow locations, which will eventually give you some of the additional supports.

How Much Commission Can You Earn With ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

This is the ultimate question of most of the review readers and especially of those, who would go for Clickfunnels only for the affiliate earnings. You will ask here – the other reason for joining Clickfunnels. The other reason is ecommerce, but income from there is for your business. One of the users commented that he stopped taking his salary form his own business and reinvested that again in the business. As a commission from the business, he used to rely on the affiliate earning only. That essentially means that the commission amount is enough to be taken care of. Hence your question is what exactly is the commission amount? 

There are two types of direct commissions in the affiliate program, the first one is of the ecommerce platform, where the commission is 5% of the total charges and the second is the training or readers choice and there the commission is 40%. If you are in the clickfunnels 14-day trial even, then also you are liable for the discounts and the commissions. Hence there is nothing to hide here, at all. Collecting everything, there are hundreds who earned millions from the affiliate program. However, on the other side, there are thousands who earn a proper salary amount every month. Hence you get the chance to compare between what you spend and what you earn – compare that once, while you are in the clickfunnels trial and then choose the right plan for you. It is my suggestion that you spend in this trial period on the training and the readers – this will give you better exposure to the earnings in the coming future. 

How To Join ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

There is no big thing to be an affiliate of Clickfunnels. Each of the members of the site is an affiliate and hence there is no big deal. The only thing that you will have to do here is to join the team, by using clickfunnels login.

Once you get in there, you are now at ease and you are now an affiliate. You can choose now the plans and start off with your landing pages. Many do think that unless they pay anything they won’t become an affiliate, but that is not the case. You are an affiliate from then when you have signed up and entered to your profile.

However, unless you choose one from the clickfunnels pricing plan and go for the eco0mmerce site, chances remain less for you to earn. You can personally refer someone for the referral programs, but while the transaction and the reference are made through your site redirection, the calculation of your earnings is made. That is the fact, otherwise, all the members are naturally an affiliate and there is nothing special to be done, for being an affiliate.

How To Promote ClickFunnels?

Before you go for learning the process of promoting your clickfunnels, there is a thing to know at the very beginning and that is – why to promote? 

Leaving aside the commission of the training and readings, you will always get a commission of 5% whenever someone signs up with Clickfunnels, being redirected from your site. 

This is not all, when you get 100 signups, from your portfolio, you will get a 500$ every month from henceforth and on the other hand, if you are getting 200 signups from your portfolio, then you are going to get a 1000$ each month. Is this not a sufficient reason for promoting? If you now feel that it is, then there are 5 ways you can promote Clickfunnels – 

  1. Use boxes for the support as a beginner. There you will be putting the ads and you will be getting leads for your ads. Now, you will be converting them to your client. The initial confidence that you need for the affiliate earnings will be eased out at this level. 
  2. Create own sales funnel and sale your own products. This will be a nice way to make your earnings and at the same time will be a promotion of the click funnels too. As you do that, you will continuously find traffic to your portal and among them, there will be at least some who will be interested in your approach. Contact with them and have some words to make them members of your site and that will be eventual signup with click funnels. 
  3. Allow bonuses as a share of the amount that you will get. You will be feeling initially that you are sharing from your 5% share, but think that in a different way and start thinking what will happen when you reach the mark of 100 signups or 200 signups. 
  4. Create funnels and sale those to the local business of your area. The funnels will be working extremely well f0r them and they will be asking you the process of making that, which will give you the scope to promote click funnels. By doing this, I have found great success and at the same time, I earned for selling the funnels to the local businesses too. I usually kept the pricing of the funnels as around 500$ and allowed a discount up to 20% and sold it out at 300 to 400$. Hence, I earned from both sides. 
  5. Gradually, I got popularity in funnel building and eventually started my business to create funnels only. By doing this, it affected by 500$ score and at the same time, I earned from the buyers each time, I sold them a funnel. It became highly profitable for me and the most important thing here is that I would not have to do anything else than that of dealing with click funnels. 

The final thing that I must mention you here is that I did all these with my 14 days trial period and made out five times the amount that I needed for the paid membership, as I decided up to that 100 pages, 20 funnels, and 20000 viewers are not my cup of tea.


If you are onto a decision-making approach for buying click funnels and its packages, then from my experience, I must say you to wait a minute and spare five minutes for yourself. Ask three questions in three minutes at your mid and try to get the answers. If you find that the answers match with the answers, that has been discussed and disclosed here below, then you are all set to buy click funnels and earn huge income from there. The five questions and even the answers are narrated below. Just go through the questions and see the answers after making a try by yourself.

Am I a Hard worker or smart worker?

You must be a hard and intelligent worker to get success with Clickfunnels. That means you will have to be very much smart at your work. You will have to sense where you are going to get the success and will have to direct your energies at that area only and not outside that. 

For example, if you are having some businessmen in your contact list, never be cheap to them and ask them to join Clickfunnels, on your behalf. Rather, ask them whether they need any sales funnels support or not. While 6 out of 10 will tell you that they won’t need that, the rest will be seeking the support and they will eventually be clients. Now your smartness will be in some different area. Disclose the names of the business owners, whom he knows and whom you are going to approach soon. Now, as some of those business owners hired the funnel from you, and gets success, spell their names to those who have denied accepting you. Out of competition, they will ask the service from you. If you have these types of intellectual tricky skills, then you must definitely buy Clickfunnels. 

Do you I have any creativity skill?

Creativity is the first and the last thing that you will have to have while you go with the clickfunnels. This is the thing that will make your out of the situations at ease. /for example, if you are creating the funnels and selling it to your known business personnel and when they use it and get success, you simply enroll them and enjoy the commission. Now, when your ideas of making the funnels are exhausted then what to do? Just look at the different funnels that are available and replicate them with your creative skills. 

Do I have the guts to share?

Sharing is essential and sharing needs enough guts. I know that you won’t agree with that and I also know the reason why you are not agreeing. The reason is that you share so many things in your FB timeline a day and in none of the cases, you have shown any guts at all. Yes, you are right, but you are right only because the users of FB are casual in their approach. When you are in the business world, this is not going to be the case at all. When you share something, then you will be asked a thousand questions on that – what that is; why have you posted that what benefit that would give and many others. The thing is that you need to answer those, otherwise the purpose of sharing, which was to market clickfunnels will be lost. 

There is another part of this sharing and you can say it to be much like a commission from a commission. The detailed outline is that you are going to be a commission for a joining and that is around 5%. In a yearly signup process, the client will be spending 3500$. You will get 5% of that and that would be 17.5$. Now out of that, can you spare 7.5% or you can say 5$? If you can, before you market any more, you will find that the businessman is making a business out of that commission – isn’t that a smart way to increase your signups? But the thing is that you need guts into it. 

ClickFunnels Pros

ClickFunnels Cons

  • Limitation with pages, funnel in the standard plan.
  • You need to learn a thing.
  • Split testing is basic

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Honest ClickFunnels Review 2020- How Can Affiliate Programme make you Millionaire? Honest ClickFunnels Review 2020- How Can Affiliate Programme make you Millionaire?
Honest ClickFunnels Review 2020- How Can Affiliate Programme make you Millionaire? - Digital Upendra

If you are an affiliate marketer or small business owner you must know about click funnels - landing page creator, funnel builder & online sales funnel

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