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Digital Upendra is a digital marketing agency with a team of dedicated, talented and competitive digital marketing specialists. 

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Result Driven 360* SEO & Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow


Digital Upendra is a digital marketing agency with a team of dedicated, talented and competitive digital marketing specialists. 

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Digital marketing today has become a gigantic field which continues to expand rapidly. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi introduce “DIGITAL INDIA PLAN” couple of years back to provide India speedy growth. Digitalization is the key to success of any business. Integrating digital marketing company in India can help your business to continuous growth with leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers. We at Digital Upendra providing digital marketing & SEO services to boost your business to reach their full potential through the intersection of great ideas and technology. We work on affordable & result driven digital marketing strategies.


We can provide you number #1 Digital Marketing service in Lucknow to your Website or App.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Now connect with the right viewers at the right time by organically leveraging your website’s visibility to the public who are looking for your SEO service in Lucknow, India via search engines. Reach out to a wider audience through our ideal SEO strategies. We Digital Upendra as a SEO company in Lucknow, India can to achieve your business goals at affordable price.

Local SEO

We perform an analysis of how your local audience is searching and create an in-depth plan of action to ensure when they search they find you first. We are the forerunner in executing the local search engine optimization and also guarantee to offer the most saturated search experience ever.

Pay Per Click

We turn your that idea into an impression that can generate money. Now Surge your sales & inquiries with the help of our PPC experts. We approach paid search with the aim of generating leads and maximizing your returns.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great blending of incredible ideas and top-notch technology. Digital Upendra as a Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow, India ensure that you have all the elements to make the visibility of your brand right in the market. We can put you everywhere that make sense to your brand. So, it’s time to connect with your customers through our proven social media strategies.

Content Marketing

“Content is king”. Great content is the fuel that drives your marketing activities. We help you to create crisp content that is not only for promotion, but also educates and encourages. Our professional copywriters can create content which illuminate your services best.

Web Design & Development

“First impression is the last impression” In business everything is about how we present our work in front of our customers and how you we can make it unique and eye catching for each and every customers and enchant them with smashing feature of the website. We offer custom-built web design & development for all large and small businesses.

RESULT DRIVEN Digital Marketing Process



"Your satisfaction, our priority.” Our work start from research & development about your product and service. We look 1st where your product & service stand in google search engine. After finding position of your product & services. We moved out to plan or strategies.


Effective, implemented plans are dynamic. We believe that changes should be developed in collaboration with clients in the planning process. We monitor all aspects of the plan for progress, and modifications to ensure that the plan remains relevant.


The implementation of the plan is crucial. We have regular contact with the clients and team leading each strategy to make sure activities are staying on track and any barriers are being addressed.


Monitoring of progress are the basis for continuous enhancement in a company. Monitoring provides an enormously important check on the accuracy of the inputs and forecasts from the analyses used to set the company strategic direction. We are open to all kind of inputs from our clients to offer them the customized services.

Why Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow is An Important for Your Business

Digital Upendra is India’s Best result driven digital marketing and SEO company. We are based in Lucknow, India and we provide 360* online marketing services. From research & strategy to final execution, our services include Website Design, Search Engine optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising.


First we make strong brand visibility by selecting right keyword & ads on google search & social media platforms. Because brand define who you are.


After implementing right keyword & ads or digital strategy. We increase traffic. We are top rated seo company in india to increase relevant traffic.


We implement seo technique to increase traffic. By using this technique we start getting conversation.


Higher traffic means more people are watching you online.It's mean that you will more leads & conversion which is equal to increase sales. At Digital Upendra we assure your business will grow in competitive field.

Why Choose Us

We are not ordinary SEO & digital marketing company. Our aim to provide every business to grow online & get better ROI.

For every clients, we make sure that we use effective SEO & Digital marketing strategies that gives proven results in google SERP.

As a affordable SEO services company, we are helping businesses rank higher in google search results for more than 5+ years.

We provide SEO & Digital Marketing Services at affordable prices. So that any business can choose us & grow his business.

What Client Says About Us

We are working with awesome client. Let’s have a look of it. Join us for business growth.

Welcome to Digital Upendra

Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow

We are not ordinary SEO & digital marketing company. Our aim to provide every business to grow online & get better ROI.

We are reckoned as one of the highly reputed Digital Marketing Service provider of the industry. We are a team of passionate people having wide knowledge and understanding about the world of digital media technology. We are serving the industry in an innovative manner with our specialized IT solutions.

Our professionals are having High end expertise in Online Marketing & Strategy and offering the following Digital Marketing Services in India:

Our services are made available for businesses big and small in India.  We are offering flexible services at best rates for managing the online businesses of our clients in highly efficient manner.

Being a very trusted SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow, India we are making application of latest tools for development and offering assistance to customer 24×7. We with our dedicated services established us as a name of trust for Online Marketing in Lucknow, India.

We are operating from Lucknow and expanded our business being a notable SEO and Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow, India. For almost all corporate giants in recent days, the critical challenge is to make a division between online and offline practices of marketing.

Understanding the need of the business houses our team of digital marketers at Digital Upendra will act towards integrating client’s online efforts with the channel of offline marketing into single space.

Our experienced professionals at Digital Marketing Agency Lucknow, India are all set to make the best effort to bring the client business in limelight with use of innovative and effective techniques of digital marketing.

Success of each of the projects undertaken by us helped us grow bigger.  We are a team of customer centric members having the sole motto to deliver only the best crossing the boundaries of expectations of our clients.

Being a Lucknow based company we are in a journey to shape the future of our clients with our dedicated Digital Marketing Services in Lucknow. We help our clients to reach more potential customers who are just a click away from them.

We believe in developing strong relationships with our clients, which is completely based on persistence, transparency, trust, and integrity.  Just get connected with us to feel the difference in your business growth and we promise to make that possible with our dedicated digital marketing services.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all about promoting products & Services by leveraging digital channel such as Google SEO, Youtube SEO, Google ads (Search Engine Marketing), email marketing & social media marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pineterest, linkedin etc. 

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital marketing is a process that results in attracting the customers towards your site. Eventually, this leads to exposure of your product and services to the customer leading to increased conversion rates. It includes SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns. It is the way two-way communication with your digital audiences. You can drive the required traffic leading to conversions and sales.

What is the role of digital marketing in a company?

Digital marketing helps companies to participate in the online marketplace. It helps to reach to the buyer by creating a valuable online presence. A small or big player in the market both have specific application and benefits of digital marketing. Companies can reap the opportunities at a larger scale.

How does digital marketing can help your business?

Digital marketing facilitates a continuous flow of targeted audiences. It brings traffic of potential leads that convert into sales. Digital marketing not only helps in conversion but also builds brand awareness and loyalty. It is good for both long term and short business. 

Does digital marketing work for all businesses?

Digital marketing is a marketing practice on a digital platform. It can be done for any business irrespective of any industry. It builds your online presence effectively. Digital marketing provides a global platform for traders. one can sort out their geographies to serve the customer depending upon their capabilities. The digital platform provides nationwide trading opportunities for small players. They can serve nationally rather than being limited to the local level

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing helps us reaching the targeted audience in a cost-effective way. It boosts brand loyalty and online sales. The benefits of digital marketing include:

Global outreach

A website is globally accessible. One can find new markets globally and can perform trade activity.

Low cost

A properly planned digital marketing campaign reaches to the customers without involving much cost. The costing is lower than the traditional marketing plans.


We can find customer insight into the digital marketing campaign., we can easily track with web analytics and other online metric tools. We can easily find out who has read our advertisements.


You can address your customer in a more personalized way. They are linked with the website database. The more you interact, there are chances they buy more.

Social Recurrence

Through social media, you can create a reputation, customer loyalty. People can share one with each other making more effective exposure to the brand.

Improved Conversion Rates

It is possible to buy with one click with the website. Digital marketing allows us to add up to more sales.

10 Reasons You Need a Aigital Marketing Strategy in 2020

There was a time where large corporations only involved in digital marketing. Nowadays Digital Marketing is helping even to  SMEs to meet their marketing goals. They are able to compete with their larger counterparts like big MNCs. Companies are able to attract their targeted traffic and achieve their market share. Digital Marketing’ is considered a must to do tactics to boost any business. A healthy digital marketing practice enhances the growth of the business.

Here are 10 reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy in 2020

  1. Strategic direction and goat setting

The Internet is like an ocean of information. If companies do not have a proper digital marketing strategy they are bound to lose. Taking a business online requires various milestones, innovations, and utilization of the resources.  Business growth, reaching targeted customers are a basic business trait that has to be in accordance. A proper digital marketing strategy creates a clear cut direction towards our digital marketing efforts.

  1. Metrics like target Customers, Customer behavior and Market Share

Market research metrics like target customer, customer behavior, market reach, etc would be known with a fusion of digital marketing. One might not be aware of these marketing parameters before digital marketing practices

Digital marketing can help irrespective of the size of the company. Small and medium-sized businesses can also have a better opportunity. This helps in formulating the strategies to compete with competitors. You can understand your targeted traffic, customer demands, and behavior. Digital marketing strategies can be formulated to attract your interested audience.

  1. Digital Marketing have edge over Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing comes into the picture because of the limited resources in the organizations. It may not be possible for them to attract customers through traditional marketing with cost-effective digital marketing solutions. Even SMEs are reaching their target customer.

  1. Increase Conversion

Nowadays, most of the businesses are digitalized, they are available on online platforms., product and services and its producer are less known to customers without digital marketing. The success rate can be analyzed by incoming traffic. It increases the leads subscribers and conversions.

  1. Right Digital Marketing Mix & revenue

Various digital marketing strategies like SEO, SMO, and Email Marketing, etc can help in reaching customers at every nook and corner. Thus interaction with the targeted audience can lead to higher conversion rates and revenues.

  1. Communication for successful business

Communication is a very important factor in digital marketing strategies. We communicate to our customers whether it is a unique selling proposition or all about offerings.

It is key to a successful business. Selling, branding, advertising require digital marketing techniques to inform your audience. It is responsible for Increased customer response, business, and revenue.

  1. Mobile Consumer addressability

Nowadays consumer is mobile. We need to have the right strategies to get them connected. Strategizing to connect with mobile consumers influences their buying decisions of consumers. This customer needs always stay updated about upcoming brands. This way we can map your target audience interested in your brand.

  1. Create a Reputation among Customers

Delivering what you have promised wins the trust of the customers. These are compulsory digital marketing norms that help in creating a reputation among your customers. This leads to a long term gain.

  1. Digital Marketing Yields.

This is the Positive Response from Customers through the right marketing strategies. you can assure a positive response from your customers through using call-to-actions. Like ‘Sign up’, ‘Subscribe’, ‘Download’, ‘Call Us’, and ‘Buy Now’ etc.

  1. Digital Marketing is a core aspect of Online Business

Digital Marketing is the core aspect of Online Business. Using responsive tools of digital marketing can help in attracting required customers, business traffic, and revenue. It also helps stay connected with customers leading to more conversion and profits.

Thus, digital marketing is all about mapping the targeted audience with the right strategies. The results obtained from digital marketing has proven to be core. You can take your brand on a global platform.

Hence, the right digital marketing strategy with the right combination of digital marketing plans would yield gain in your business.

Important Faq

The responsibilities of s digital marketer is to optimize a website. The core objective of digital marketing is to ensure the website to be found by the target audience. In includes optimizing website structure and content for search engines SEO SMO, SEM, etc. You can find a digital marketing agency in the Lucknow area for better digital marketing initiatives.

You can create a blog post, video, audio, image, infographics, case studies white papers, eBooks, checklist, etc

Search engines take time to rank the content. It might take time when people start finding your content its easy to find the content if we consistently publish the content. One should see the results around the six-month of time. Digital marketing companies in Lucknow can be of great help with their expertise.

Digital marketing requires less budget than traditional marketing. If you spend 10 % of your budget for marketing, 2-3 % would suffice for digital marketing to start with.