Elementor Pro is all in one website design development & Marketing solution which comes with Drag & Drop Page Builder, Design-oriented Popup Builder, Visual Form Builder + Popular Marketing Integrations, WooCommerce Builder , Dynamic Content etc.

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Elementor Pro is full packed website design, development & marketing solution. I found price is awesome for beginners & pro blogger can afford this.


Elementor customer support is excellent. You can reach them via phone, email & support ticket. 

Do you want to build your Word Press site yourself?

Are you planning to build a Word Press site with the Elementor page builder plugin?

Are you thinking about how appropriate is this plugin for your requirements?

A year back, I have switched from Thrive Architect to Elementor Pro wordpress page builder. The reason behind to switching is that easy to understand & create attractive design. Because I’m non-Technical person so I need drag & drop wordpress page builder which sol my all problem such design, easy to use, non-technical requirement, grow email list features – form, Landing page, subscription form etc.

From then to Now, I don’t feel guilt. Even I’m very happy & satisfied with Elementor Pro.

In this Elementor review, take you through the features, performance, and ease of use. We will see whether it is the best Word Press page builder plugin. We will also see how it is useful in building our sites.

Before go in deep. Let’s understood few below things.

What is a Word Press Page Builder Plugin?

A Word Press page builder plugin is to provide such an interface where even a beginner also can build the site. Someone can do it without much of the technical knowledge. The fundamental mechanism is a simple drag and drop. Anyone can create beautiful pages with this drag and drop tool by arranging the content on the pages. The editor does not require you to be much technical or touch a single line of code. This editor has front end editing enabled. You can make live edits without moving from editor to preview pages.


What Is Elementor?

Elementor is a page builder plugin help you to designs beautiful websites with simple interface. It is very much similar to other online website builders like Wix, Weebly, Site 123, Bold grid, and U Craft. You can do all the functional element what you get with the popular website builders.

Elementor have 4 million active installation.

Elementor #1 Free WordPress Page Builder

Elementor Free vs. Pro: Which Is Best for You?

Elementor is freemium wordpress page builder. You will get many useful free features. If you want to build basic website. You can build with just this plugin. Below are.

Free Elementor Features
  • Complete Page Builder – Live Design, Mobile Editing, Version Of histin
  • 30+ Basic Widget – Heading, Text, image, button, google maps, Video, Space generator, Text Box, Socail Icon, Icons Etc.
  • 40+ Premium Page Templates
  • 50+ Block Template – Services, Faq, testimonial, Meet team, Content block, 404 Page, About Us, Contact Us, etc.
Elementor Pro Features

Elementor Pro is a all in one marketing solution plugin. It is faster, reliable & customizable plugin. Elementor comes with 3 Paid Plan but there are only one difference is license key.

  • Complete Page Builder – Live Design, Mobile Editing, Version Of histry
  • 30+ Basic Widget – Heading, Text, image, button, google maps, Video, Space generator, Text Box, Socail Icon, Icons Etc.
  • 90+ Premium Page Templates
  • 300+ Block Template – Services, Faq, testimonial, Meet team, Content block, 404 Page, About Us, Contact Us, etc.
  • Woo-Commerce Page Builder
  • Marketing Element – Boost Content Marketing, Get More Conversions, Increase Social Engagement. Marketing Platform Integration.
  • PopUp Builder – Email Subscriptions​, Login Forms, Promotion & Sale Banners​, Lead Capture, Content Lock & Upgrades​, Announcements, Exit Intent, Welcome Mat, Related Products & Upsells.
  • Free Support For 1 Year
  • Free Update For 1 Year
Elementor Free Vs Pro

How to Install Elementor FREE & Elementor Pro Page Builder?

There are two ways to install Elementor.

  1. Elementor FREE
  2. Elementor Paid

How to Install the Elementor Plugin FREE.

Step 1 – Login Your website WordPress account & go to Dashboard –> Plugin section–> Click on add New.

Elemetnor Plugins-Add-New

Step 2 – Click on Search Bar & Type Elementor–> Click On Install

How to Install-Activate-Elementor

Step 3 – Go Back to Plugin section & You will see an icon on the WordPress dashboard.

How to Install-Activate-Elementor

Click on Elementor & create Elementor Account and do all settings as per instruction. 

How to Install Elementor Pro.

Step 1 – Go to Elementor.com  Click on Pricing Buy your plan as per your need.

“If you an individual go to Plus Plan. In this plan you will get all features. If you are the developer or Agency go to Exper Plan.”

Elementor Pro Plan & Pricing

Get Elementor Pro Pricing & Plans

Step 2 – You will land on the checkout page. make the payment via Paypal account or credit card. 

Ultimate WordPress Design Tool Elementor Payment

Step 3 –  Get the license Key. 

Elementor Pro Licence Key

Step 4 –  Go to WordPress Dash Board –> Click On Elementor –> Connect & Active –>Click On Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro Licence Key

Elementor Connect & Activate Your License

This will connect Automatically to your Elementor Pro account. Now you will see all pro features to your pages & post.

How does Elementor compare to other page builders?

1. Thrive Theme Architect 

“If you are looking elegant design, optimized website speed, conversion focused theme and plugin & easy editable for non techie. So thrive theme can be a perfect solution for you blogging business.”

As I’m using it long time for my blogging. thrive theme (thrive leads) help me a lot to capture email in form of lead magnet. This is a best alternate of optin monster which cost more than that.

What is Thrive Architect?

To be very accurate, Thrive Architect can be referred to as a visual editor plug-in that naturally comes in the package of the thrive theme. It is going to give you three major things –

  1. Drag and drop feature to configure your pages at ease
  2. Interactive layouts, that has already been configured – just choose them and fill them to get traffic instantly
  3. Outstanding responsive elements that will help you to design the pages ideally for all devices at one click. 

Click Here to Visit Thrive Theme Architect

Elementor Pro - Pricing

Elementor Pro Plan & Pricing

Thrive Theme Architect - Pricing

Thrive Membership Pricing

2. Divi – WordPress Page Builder

Devi is an another alternative of Elementor Pro. Divi is very simier to Elementor but I feel it is not user friendly as elmentor. But If you compare to it’s pricing. Divi is little bit cheap & affordable than Elementor. Check Below Pricing table.

Click Here to Visit Divi – WordPress Page Builder

Elementor Pro - Pricing

Elementor Pro Plan & Pricing

Divi - Pricing

Divi Plan & Pricing

Elementor Pro World's No 1 WordPress Page Builder Features 💕

Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder plugin. The drag and drop feature is visual with numerous elements. These elements come with the simplicity of organizing the content. The plugin does not require any coding knowledge to build the site. It also does not require much knowledge to work with its setting and configurations. Elementor has around 9 lakh installs that make it most popular on the web.

1. Posts and Pages with Elementor

As you add a new page or edit an existing page in your page editor, you can see the Edit With  Elementor button above the WordPress editor. You can simply click on it to launch the Elementor editor. Clicking on it will take you to the editor. The editing interface is built of drag and drop elements or widgets on the left-hand side. Setting button and publish buttons are there below to the elements. To start adding content to your pages two options are available. You can go manual by creating a section through the Add New Section button or you can use pre-built templates by using the Add Template button.

There are 12 section types in Elementor. Each section can have multiple columns. You can start dragging elements as per your need. You can make necessary changes from the left side of the editor which is visible in the content area.

If you are using pre-built templates there are hundreds of beautifully designed templates. It is named as pages and blocks. You can find them in the Elementor’s library. It is quite easy to choose a template. Once you can insert it you can customize and publish it. Overall all the features are outstanding, intuitive easy to understand, and use.

Elementor Page & Post

2. Elements & Templates

The Elementor plugin is set to various elements or widgets like headings, buttons, images, videos carousels, etc . Along with Elementor widgets, you can use default WordPress widgets or any other theme-based widgets also. Elementor integrates with your installed theme and plugin. It also adds compatible plugin and widgets. Use your favorite theme and plugins and build your pages with Elementor editor.

The built pages can be saved as a design template to use it to build another page. Save as a template option is available for this purpose. The template is available in my template in the Elementor library. Custom made templates can be exported to multiple websites if required.

Elementor Pro Review

3. Customization Options

Elementor gives further customization options with its Style and Advanced menu. In the Elementor editor to see all  the customization options. With these options you can change width and height of the sections and the columns. We can change the content position to the top, center, or bottom. This can be done by setting padding and margins in between sections, columns, or widgets.

Elementor drag-and-drop customization

4. Responsive Design

The responsive option is in the advanced menu. This option is helpful barring an element to display in certain devices. This feature ensures responsiveness across devices like desktop, tablets mobile.

5. Undo / Redo the changes ( Full revision history )

This undo-redo is another very important feature. You can revert your edit whenever you want. Elementor saves your edit. If you deleted something by mistake you can retrieve it. This saves a lot of time from recreating. You can always reach to your current version.

elementor revisions history

6. Library

  • Templates – Pages

You can choose beautifully pre-designed templates from the library. There are more than 150 free & pro Elementor templates. This has been created by professional web designers for specific uses.

  • Blocks

Create your web page place by place by using Blocks. These are small section templates.

  • Save & Reuse

Once you build your webpage, you would like to reuse it in another place. It can be saved and used further if you want. It is saved in the library.

  • Import / Export

These templates can have multisite uses. If you have more than one site, you worked on one site the same want to replicate on another site. You can export and import these templates for this purpose. These all can be transferred along with images, layouts, etc to any other site.

  • Search & Filter

Search and filter options are given to make the search function easy. You can easily locate the template you like. Apply filters and sort among them.

  • Template Widget

You can collaborate many templates into one with the help of template widgets. Drag and drop this widget where you would like to create. 

  • Embed Anywhere

Get the shortcode for a particular template and embed it wherever you like.

7. Theme Builder

  • Theme Elements

Theme Elements widgets are meant for your site content. Your content keeps coming as you go on editing. The widget is for the dynamic upkeep of the content. One can create their own header footer, post, post archives, search pages, 404 pages, etc.

You will find A Template for each area of the site. You can use these prebuilt templates. If it is not enough you can even further customize it as per your requirement. You can create a header, footer, archives, product and it’s detailing and much more

With theme builder you can design your own Theme visually & dynamically. Styling your own theme dynamically fulfills various requirements for customization. 

Display Conditions -Set your templates at your main display. Apply it for the whole site or specific places like categories or post types.

You will get every widget that is required for your Theme Builder needs, for example, Post Title, Post Excerpt, Post Content, Featured Image, author box, post comments, post navigation, post info, site logo, site title, page title, search form, breadcrumbs, sitemap, etc

  • Dynamic Content

Create dynamic pages using dynamic widgets. Build an advanced site with dynamic content. Personalize your site by populating and gathering data from other sources. It is easily helpful in creating content for various post types like reviews, portfolios, e-commerce products, and many more. Integrate custom field plugins content to your site for example ADD ACF, PODS, OR TOOLSET CONTENT. Simply add Dynamic Colors, Featured Image, Site Logo, Post Author, Customer Reviews, and more. Dynamic Content could be built in one place. It can be used everywhere with a single click.

  • Dynamic Colors

Dynamic colors are having values given. Use it in the color field and get dynamic colors. It reduces your designing workflow.

  • Display Conditions

You can display your global templates across your site.

  • Header and Footer

Visuals of the header and footer areas can be customized.

  • Sticky Header

There is the provision of a sticky header. It can be applied to any page or across the site

  • 404 Page

Direct your site visitors to 404 pages if required. It can be created inside the Elementor.

  • Archive Page

You can design entire your site in Elementor, or you can do it page-specific also.

  • Single Post

You can design a blog post and attribute it to across your site or to any category, page, or taxonomy.

  • Search Results Page

Search result pages can be customized. It gives a new experience to your user.

  • Custom Fields Integration

Built the content fields in ACF, Toolset & Pods. It can be visually incorporated in any page.

8. Marketing

  • Landing Pages

The landing page has the first impression factor. It is very important from the design and content point of view. With Elementor it is really awesome to create and manage landing pages 

  • Form Widget

You can create your own forms depending upon your requirements. 

  • Testimonial Carousel Widget

 Add testimonial carousel to Increase the business social profile. 

  • Countdown Widget

Offers can be added a countdown timer. 

  • Rating Star Widget

You can add star rating as social proof. 

  • Action Links

Easily connect with your audience from the messaging platform like WhatsApp, Google Calendar or any other apps

  • Popup Builder

Build and create excellent Popups along with advanced targeting options.

9. Workflow

  • No Coding

Reach high-end meaningful designs. You need not do any coding for this purpose.

  • Navigator

Navigate all around between the elements and layers of the pages without any disruption.

  • Full Site Editor

You need to jump from one place to another place. One can design the entire site from one place,

  • Finder

You can easily find pages & dashboard settings from the search bar 

  • Hotkeys

Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts. It saves a lot of time while performing actions.

  • Shortcut Cheatsheet

You can full list of shortcuts in pop up window

  • Redo Undo

You can perform redo or undo with a simple CTRL / CMD Z.

  • Auto Save

Work gets continuously saved and backed-up automatically.

  • Revision History

With Revision History, you can retrieve your pages.

  • Draft Mode

Save a page in the draft move and keep on working.

  • Copy Paste

You can perform copy-paste function with the element or places on the page.

  • Copy Style

Copy the style of a widget, column, or section and paste it somewhere else.

  • In-line Editing

This allows live editing.

  • Global Widget

The saved widget can be used somewhere else.

  • Dark Mode

Elementor facilitates designing in darker environments with this mode.

  • AutoSave

Work gets continuously saved and backed-up automatically.

  • Revision History

With Revision History, you can retrieve your pages.

  • Draft Mode

Save a page in the draft move and keep on working.

  • Copy Paste

You can perform copy-paste function with the element or places on the page.

  • In-line Editing

This allows live editing.

  • Global Widget

The saved widget can be used somewhere else.

Dark Mode

Elementor facilitates designing in darker environments with this mode.

10. More Elementor Features And Short Reviews

  • Inline editing

Inline editing enables live editing features. You can write and edit text content with a live window. Content pages, blog posts are written because of this feature. It makes it quite easy to write.

  • Header and footer editor

Header and footer are very important areas in the websites. They require a different look and format. Elementor’s header and footer editor is a visual editor. It exactly serves the purpose.

  • Translation and RTL Ready

The plugin enhances the usability of its features with the support of RTL languages. It can be translated to more than 25 languages.

  • Colors and typography 

The word is filled with colors. You will get global inbuilt typesetting and colors. After all design matters for a website. Variation is an integral part of it. It can be easily drafted with global colors and typography. Extensive  typesetting options allows you to use Google fonts or other additional Typekit forms. Anyone can easily customize it throughout the website.

  • Third-party integrations

There is another important aspect of third party integration. A website may require its commercial operations for example mail campaign clint. Elementor supports third-party integrations for example Get Response, Zapier, etc.

  • Coming soon or Maintenance mode 

You can simply rely on professional templates that can be set as coming soon and maintenance mode. It effectively conveys the message.

  • eCommerce widgets 

With Elementor it lot easier to build an eCommerce site. Pre-built WooCommerce widgets pricing tables, price list widgets easily make the eCommerce webpages.

Pricing and Support Options for Elementor

Elementor is a free version is available in the official WordPress plugin repository. The free version of Elementor comes preloaded with numerous widgets and other features. These widgets and features help build websites. The Elementor premium version comes with a lot more other useful widgets, templates. It is rich in many other customization features and tools.

Pricing plans are as below: – 

Personal for one site license at $49

Business for 3 sites and $99

Unlimited for unlimited sites $199

Elementor Pro Plan & Pricing

🔨Elementor Pro Vs Cons

🔨Verdict: Elementor as the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Elementor is power-packed with all strong features that required to build a full-fledged word press site.

Customization is very easy with Elementor plugin. It is just a drag and drops module build plugin .The plugin interface is not unnecessary crowded. You will find things  properly placed  , easy to understand and use. It is good for a normal beginner. You can craft an elegant website with this plugin.

Nothing is perfect in this world. Although by now, we have figured it most efficient editor plugin out there. But there may be some time couple issues with Elementor too.

When options are too many It may be cumbersome for certain users. One may not be able to create a consistent look across the site. It is awesome in its executions but it is a little buggy too at times. If you get stuck, you need to refresh and reenter.  Over all it is fantastic editor plugin available on Word Press platfrom.

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