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Best Google SEO Ranking Factors 2020

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Google SEO Ranking Factors Checklist 2020

Ranking in Google SERP is one of the most priority to get rank & relevant traffic. I’m damn sure you must looking for Google SEO Ranking Factors 2018 or SEO Checklist.
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Anyway, I tried summarised all Google SEO Ranking Factors 2020 & SEO Checklist below which will help you to get ranking & relevant traffic.

Google SEO Ranking Factors – Priority 1

1. Direct website visits – 
Direct traffic is an important source of a visit to your website. Direct traffic is defined as visits with no referring website.
Direct traffic can come due to your internal employee logging onto the company’s webpage. To get correct data you can put filter our internal IP addresses.
Anyway, It is the most important Google ranking factor in 2018. I tell you why is the most important Google ranking factor because more people typing your brand name directly that means your brand awareness increasing or brand authority increasing or more people trusting.
That’s why I’m putting 1st thing this is a ranking factor.
2. Time on site – 
In Google ranking factors 2nd thing is “Time on site”. If you are getting more people it does not mean enough factor. If people visiting your site they must spend time on the website.
If a user is spending time average 3 mins then it will good for your brand that means people are liking your content & they are interested in your products or services.
3. Pages per session –
Page per session is the average number of pages viewed during a session on your website. If users visiting more pages that mean user more engaged for more pages per session.
4. Bounce rate –
A bourne rate is a number of single-page visits by visitors to your website.
In Analytics, a skip is ascertained particularly as a session that triggers just a solitary demand to the Analytics server.

For example when a user opens a single page to your website after which exits without triggering another request to the Analytics server in the course of that session.

5. CTR – CRT denoted as Click through rate. It is a very important Google ranking factor or important SEO checklist element. It helps you to get more traffic. CTR is the ratio of users who click on specific links – it could be coming from email, paid ads, referral websites, direct traffic etc.
How CTR calculated – Google Ranking Factors - Digital Upendra
For Instances –
If your website is getting 5 clicks & 1000 impression that means your CTR is 0.5%.
Get high CTR means your ad is relevant & getting high traffic.
6. Total referring domains – Referring domain is the domain that backlinks are coming from. Their domain authority, Page Rank & Alexa Rank help to get more trust.
According to Moz study, It is a very important Google ranking factor. More Referring domain means more trust & More backlinks.
7. Total Backlinks – Google still gives importance to backlink for a particular keyword or page. It is a very important ranking factor. 
Let’ know what is backlinks – Backlinks are reference link which came from other web pages. There are lots of ways to get it.
For instances – Classified Submission, Social Bookmarking Submission, Image Submission, PDF Submission, PPT submission, Article Submission, Press Release, Video Submission, Directory Submission, Guest Posting Etc.
8. Schema Markup – 
1. What is Schema Markup – Schema Markup is a collection of schemas for structured data markup. It helps search engine to understand better for website unique content. If you implement this schema markup in your post. it helps to get more CTR, Trust etc. See how it appears.
2. Types of Schema Markup
  • Articles
  • Local businesses
  • Restaurants
  • TV episodes and ratings
  • Book Reviews
  • Movies
  • Software Applications
  • Events
  • Products

You are worried about How to implement schema markup to your site using Google Tag Manager Follow this article.

Google SEO Ranking Factors – Priority 2

09. Selection of keywords – We must do keyword selection very carefully. Always select a relevant keyword for your business.
10. Google Analytics Code – Analytic code help you to get an analysis of organic, direct, social & paid traffic.
11. Google Webmaster Tool Code – Once you registered in google webmaster tool you will get user queries, 404 errors pages & google warning.
12. Content length – Google loves longer content rather than shorter content. Always try to get unique & fresh content on a particular page including keywords.
13. Duplicate Content  – Google hates duplicate content. Always keep in the mind that we should never use copied content. If you will use copied content. Google can hit a penalty on your website.
14. Keyword in anchor Text – Anchor text means that when doing backlink activity and hyperlink a keyword + brand name in a third party website its called anchor text. It is used in backlink strategies.
For instance – If you use SEO company in Lucknow – Digital Upendra or Digital Upendra SEO company in Lucknow.
15. Keyword in the body – Keyword in a body that means how many keywords or phrase and its variation used in a unique way. It helps google bots improve ranking because bots trust that it more relevant keyword to your business.
16. Keyword density – Keyword density means that how many percentages of times appears in content to compared to a total number of words in a webpage.
17. Keyword in the title –
18. Keyword in meta –
19. Video on the page –
20. H1 Tag –
21. Alt Tag –
22. Internal Links –
23. Blogs on Website –
24. External Links –

Google SEO Ranking Factors – Priority 3

25. HTML Sitemap
26. Canonical Tags –
27. URL Structure –
28. Breadcrumbs –
29. 404 Page –
30. Broken link check –
31. 301 Redirection –
32. Page Speed –
33. XML Sitemap –
34. Robot.txt –
35. Social Sharing Buttons –
36. Responsive Website –
38. Site Structure –
39. SSL / HTTPS –
40. AMP –
Best Google SEO Ranking Factors 2020
Best Google SEO Ranking Factors 2020 - Digital Upendra

Google SEO Ranking Factors Checklist 2020 Ranking in Google SERP is one of the most priority to get rank & relevant traffic. I'm damn sure you must loo

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