Link Building in 2019 – 15 Evergreen High Quality Backlink Building Techniques

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Link building is an integral part of SEO because of it an important part of a ranking factor. So building links with old techniques is not enough, So that we need high quality backlinks from the many high authority websites.

In other word if say that due to previous google algorithm update, link building become important ranking signal.

In this blog post, I’ll explain you 15 Evergreen High-Quality Link Building Technique which will help you to get high domain authority backlink and if you follow these techniques your website will ahead from the competitions.

Before explaining you 15 Evergreen High-Quality Link Building Technique. Let’s know first “What are backlinks?”.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links from another website to your website. That means you are getting a vote to your website.

If you are getting more backlink from different website with relevant to your industry. It will increase link juice to your website. That means your website keywords ranking will improve and your website will get better google search visibility.

During building backlinks, we must focus on quality backlinks, not in quantity backlinks. If are getting backlinks from trusted domain extension such as .org, .edu, .net, .com. our seo will get boosted and as a result, our keywords ranking will improve.

Backlink also known as link submission, link building, off page seo.

How many types of Backlinks?

Backlinks are two types.

  1. Do-Follow Backlinks – Do follow backlink denote in below format. <a href=”your link” rel=”dofollow”>link test</a>
  2. No-Follow Backlinks – NoFollow denote in below format . <a href=”your link” rel=”nofollow”>link test</a>

A ‘rel’ attribute point to Google should consider such links when calculating its value and assigning a position.

What is the difference between Do follow & No Follow Backlinks and How do backlinks work?

Do Follow Backlinks –

  • Do follow links help you to get good ranking in Google SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).
  • Do Follow links increase link juice.
  • Getting DoFollow link means increasing more trust.
  • Do follow backlink provide long term SEO benifits.

No Follow Backlinks –

  • No follow links is not help you in google ranking.
  • No Follow help you to build your brand.
  • No follow link help you to increase your traffic
  • No follow link help you avoid banning due to apaming.

Now question comes how backlinks works.

How to Check the Value of Links

Link Building in 2019 - 15 Evergreen High Quality Backlink Building Techniques - Digital Upendra – High Quality Backlink Details

How to check backlinks? Nowadays, It is not so difficult. there are many free and premium tool in the market. You just have to put URL which you want to get a backlink.

Here is the list of backlink analysis tool.

  • SemRush – Freemium tool “Try Free 14 days Trial
  • – Paid
  • – Paid
  • – Freemium tool

15 Evergreen High-Quality Link Building Technique

Above tools will help you to gather your competitors backlink data. Pull out your competitors data and start building links in similar website

01. Replicate Competitors Best Backlinks

Replicate competitors best backlinks is the smart technique to rank your blog post or page in Google SERP. If you are stealing or replicating it is not a bad thing. You are just trying to improve your quality backlink analyzing your competitors backlinks.

Now, the question comes how to analyze backlinks. It is quite simple

How to Analyze backlinks

  • You just have to search your keyword on google. Top 10 listing will pop up in google. Note Down all links.
  • Go to then select competitive toolkit then search bar will pop up.
  • Now you have to put URL which you want to plug backlinks. Now Semrush will give a detailed analysis.
  • For example “how many backlinks you have, which domain referring backlink to you, how many do follow and no follow links you have, which country give you most backlinks”.
  • Semrush will also give you backlink types “Text, image, form, video, frame etc.
  • How many backlinks you are getting from diffrent type of domain – .com, .org, .net, .edu, etc.
link building analysis
link building analysis

02. Build Links With Reviews

Find those authoritative brands which publish your reviews on product and services on their websites. You can also pick those websites which publish reviews of your competitors.

This technique will not give you only backlink but also help to build trust and credibility.

How to Analyze Reviews Backlinks

  • Go to Semrush and search for your competitors.
  • All result will pop ups.
  • Identify those websites where you can publish reviews.
  • Export the list of selected website.

03. Comment on other relevant blog posts

Creating backlink from the commenting on other blog. It is a most easiest way. According to “Google is not giving much authority to those comments which are not relevant to his industry. That means start focusing on those website which are your industry specific.

Commenting on blog jst help you to get only backlink it will help you make personal relation with other bloggers and help you to drive traffic.

How to Analyze Blog comments backlinks

  • Go to Google and search your targeted keyword.
  • All result will pop-ups.
  • Identify those websites where you can publish blog comments.
  • Go to Semrush and put selected urls. Gather all data in excel sheet.
  • Export the list of website.
  • Start commenting.

04. Guest blogging (Offer Blog + infographic)

Guest Blogging is the best way to build do follow backlinks. This is a longlasting backlink activity. For this activity you have to create attractive content with great Title name. So that guest site has to publish your blog.

Below is an example how can you approach them.


05. Build a solid internal linking structure

Building links on a 3rd party sites is not enough. You must have strong internal linking on yours website. Check below example.

internal linking - backlink
internal linking

06. Use Reverse Image Search to Build Backlinks

I hope you know that many people never buy images they use it from Google. This is the best chance to get a backlink from those people. Ask them to link your image with your website url. This technique call reverse image search.

Reverse Image Search to Build Backlinks

You can check on this Simply you have to put image URL on this website search bar. Once you find the images email them and ask for linking your URL in his website.

07. Give interviews

There are many website which take interview. Giving interview is an natural way generate backlink. If you are not well known blogger then you can pitch them by asking why should they interview.

There some roundup site they always looking for great content. There are more changes to accept you application. Keep eye on those website’s.

How to find out interview and roundup website’s below is the tricks?

  • Your keyword + roundup
  • Your keyword + interview

How to contact for interview?

  • Search with your keyword + interview
  • Contact via Email, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Tap on his existing interview website.
  • Check personal website.

08. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the lesser know technique to build link on bloggers website. Do the website audit of blogger’s website and find out broken links and email them politely and ask them to add your suitable link.

Broken link building technique is fixing other websites health. Click To Tweet

Because of helping them they will reward you as a backlink to your website.

How to Find Broken Backlinks?

Find broken link backlinks may be a difficult job but thanks to “Check My Links” chrome extension. use this extension to find out all broken links on your website and other bloggers website.

09. Create an infographic

Nowadays, Infographic is the latest and popular technique to build backlinks.

In 2012 #infographic was shared 56,765 times and according to Search Engine Land infographic is read 30x time than a text article.

Why infographics link more than article

  • Creative Design.
  • Detailed Information in Bullet point, Statistics Facts.
  • Promotion and Outreach.

Where to create infographics free?

10. Publish “Skyscraper” Content

Read More Skyscraper Technique Follow this Guide

11. Create a Medium, Crunchbase, Producthunt, Scoopit, About Me, Reddit Etc Account.

There are many ways to create backlinks but if you want to make quick backlinks curate your content on or write a full blog post on medium. Medium will give you a “No follow” Link but it will help you to traffic, Brand presence and no follow link juice.

Similarly, You can use crunchbase, product hunt, scoop it, about me, reddit etc.

12. Submit Your Site to Blog Aggregators

Blog aggregators are sites which list blogs from other industries. For instance – AllTopBlogarama, and BlogEngage.

Link Building in 2019 - 15 Evergreen High Quality Backlink Building Techniques

These site will help you drive good amount of referral traffic and you can also get “Do Follow” Link by using below steps.

  • Submit your website ( RSS feed of your blog)
  • Add a special HTML code to you site for verification.
  • These site will review your site.

13. Link Roundsup

There are many bloggers do link roundsup for backlinks. Link Roundsup are monthly or weekly blog posts which link out to great blog posts.

How it works:

If you want to find link roundups. Use the following search strings:

  • “your keyword” + “link roundup”
  • “your keyword” + roundup
  • “best of” + “your keyword”
  • “your keyword” + “this week”

2. Once you find a blog that you’d like to target for backlinks, pitch your content to the person who runs the blog. You can use the below script:

Hey [Name],

I’m [Your Name] from [Your Blog URL].

I know you like to make compilation articles about everything [TOPIC] – so I just wanted to send a few of my recent ones your way. I’d really appreciate it if you could include these articles in your monthly roundup.

[Link to Article 1]

[Link to Article 2]

[Your Name]

After sending email you have to wait for their reply. If your content is the right fit for the blog’s roundup, then you’ll get a quality backlink for your site.

14. Google + Backlinks

Google + is a great sources to get referral traffic and get quality followers. But do you know you can get “do follow” link from you google+ profile. You just have to link you blog post to your google + profile.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks

15. Link Reclamation

Link Reclamation is a process to find out where your blog, brand mentions on the web. But they didn’t link to your website.

How to find link mention. You can use seo tool such as ahrefs, Buzzsumo etc.

How to do it –  

  • Find your brand mention but does not link to your site.
  • Write an e-mail to person who mention you link.
  • Wait his reply.

Old Link Building Technique –

Below i have mention old school technique. These are outdated but still helping. So that you can try these technique

Image Sharing Sites


Directory Submission Websites


Profile Links


Document Sharing Websites

  • Google Drive
  • Scribd
  • Docstoc
  • DocDroid
  • Dropbo

Fourms –

List of top Forums-

  • http://Forum.Siteground.Com/
  • http://C7y-Bb.Phparchitect.Com/
  • http://Forum.Meebo.Com/
  • http://Forums.Mysql.Com/
  • http://Forums.Cnet.Com/
  • http://Forums.Microsoft.Com/
  • http://www.Bookforum.Com/
  • http://Mathforum.Org/
  • http://Forums.Photobucket.Com/
  • http://www.Gardenweb.Com/
  • http://Forums.Wsj.Com/
  • http://Forums.Cnet.Com/
  • http://Forum.Videolan.Org
  • http://www.Wrensoft.Com/Forum
  • http://Pkp.Sfu.Ca/Support/Forum
  • http://Audacityteam.Org/Forum
  • http://Arch.Designcommunity.Com
  • http://Forum.Filezilla-Project.Org/
  • http://www.Awasu.Com/Forums
  • http://Forums.Mozilla.Or.Kr/
  • http://www.Claroline.Net/Forum

Classified Ads-

Social Bookmarking Sites



  • Quora
  • Yahoo Answers
  • stackoverflow
Link Building in 2019 - 15 Evergreen High Quality Backlink Building Techniques
Link Building in 2019 - 15 Evergreen High Quality Backlink Building Techniques - Digital Upendra

Link building is an integral part of SEO because of it an important part of a ranking factor. So building links with old techniques is not enough, So that

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