9 Killer Ways How to Generate Leads for your Business

Sales leads are identified via networking, advertising, marketing, referrals, social media, product trials and consultants. A lead will become a prospect only when it has been qualified to determine their level of interest and, fit as a potential customer. There are several methods of how to generate leads online, few of them are mention below —

Learn 9 ways generate leads online

Using Social Media Platform : 

Social media is one of the best platforms to interact with customers and generate new leads. It gives a vast number of opportunities for a businessman to engage an audience and curate leads.

You can create a Twitter profile, LinkedIn page of your company, Instagram business account page, Facebook page, and Pinterest account. Apart from this, you can also create a YouTube channel to promote and attract more and more customers. Then you can easily funnel them through your process to become leads. But make sure that you remain active on these pages because only creating pages will be of no use.

When you will have leads in the system, you can use these social media platforms to find out what they need and want. It provides an easy way of communicating with your audience.

Lead generation is a long-term and continuous process, you can streamline lead generation process using social media to increase your opportunities for the growth of your business. And if you own a small business then generating leads must be your top priority. 

Through Personalized E-mail Marketing :

Email Marketing is an efficient way to drive leads. It has been found in a study by Experian that personalized e-mails generated revenue which is six times higher than the revenue generated by non- personalized e-mails. You should use your e-mail platform to personalize your e-mail greetings. So that you can include your receipt’s name.

Try to group your contacts by location, and purchase history. Using personalized e-mail marketing, you can drive more leads while building loyalty with your potential customers. You can also track your success rate after sending e-mails.

This will help you to test, evolve and, drive more leads with each send. You can determine whether you are on par or behind by comparing your open and click rates to the average rate of your industry. Make sure that the content of the email is brief, concise, and engaging.

Participate in Forums :

Forums are one of the best places to get to know more about your customers. The better you know your customers, it will be easy for you to contact them with a potential offer.

Share your views with the members on the forum and answer their queries. Be active on forum to know your customers intimately.

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing: Content is an efficient way of building search engine optimization for your company’s website, and to show your knowledge as a business.

Content marketing can help you a lot in generating online sales leads. High value content can be used to gain the attention of your potential customers. It involves creating good content about your domain and then distributing it to your customers.

The main objective of content marketing is not to sell the products, but it is to build trust in your brand. You can win the trust of your customers or targeted audience by the proper content marketing of your product. Content marketing is an important inbound way of generating leads. Content can be an eBook, graphics, video and white papers. 

Online Public Relations (PR) : 

The product evangelists and social media influencers can amplify traffic to your website. They can help in generating more sales leads. But it requires a good amount of money.

If you want to spend in your business then you can use this method that will definitely help you in growing your business to a much higher level.

Creating A Sales Funnel :

Once you have determined your targeted audience and the best way to reach them, you must have a plan for collecting their contact information. This involves funnelling all the prospectuses to a standard form that encourages the potential buyers to share their contact information, simply in a return of a coupon, any free gift, a sample or a voucher.

It is essential to have a customer relationship management (CRM) database which will help you to keep a track of potential customers.

Display Adds :

Display ads on various websites can help in generating online leads. Displaying adds are more convenient than Pay Per Click ads.

Be selective in choosing the websites where your add is going to be featured, these must be domains that are directly or indirectly linked to your targeted audience. These domains must be authorized. Write a clear and concise CTA as the CTA plays a major role in getting a viewer to click.

Guest Blogging : 

Guest blogging can be used for generating leads but only if the articles are worth reading, articles must contain relevant information for the audience. They must have unique information.

Promoting the posts to a leverage social media can be very helpful in generating leads. The site where you decide to post a guest blog must be authorized.

Referral Partnership :

Small business can generate leads by partnering with other small businesses. This can be done simply by a referral partnership. In the referral partnership, you will receive a percentage of the revenue from referrals that you have send to other business and vice versa.

You must get a legal team for proof paperwork to ensure that both the sides are clear on stipulations. The partnership must be official, try to include all the information about requirements such as the quality of the leads, total sale amount, revenue and, percentage tiers, etc.

Webinars :

Webinars are the live discussion that can be used for generating online leads. All you need is to research a topic in which your targeted audience is interested, get the right speaker to deliver on board, and having a quality conversation with the audience. You can promote it on various channels to let the people know that you are hosting a webinar. You can use your website for signing up to enrol for attending the webinar, you can send emails to your mailing list. 

You can also share a link on your various social media pages to sign up for the webinar. Once you have completed your webinar, you can send your company’s message to the registrants based on registrant type like existing customers, recurring and new registrants. Not only this, you can transcribe the webinar into a blog and publish it so that it can reach to a wider audience.

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