How to Make Money from online Blogging?

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Make Money from online Blogging – Most of the people once read about online making money. They will either tell you it a joke or fake news. But my friends is a serious business. So many people started working as a part-time business but later on, they realize that they are getting enough money then they make it full time. Harsh Agrawal is one of the bloggers who started blogging from borrowed money now he builds million dollar brand “Shout Me Loud”.

If you are looking go into the same business, I can assure you that this is the best place that’s why I choose the topic called how to make money from online blogging. Read. My full blog and you will get to know that from where you can earn money online or what are the platforms to earn money online. Below are the 5 Ways to earn money online.

Make Money from online Blogging

  1. Blogging
  2. Youtube
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Online Coaching Classes
  5. Freelance Consultant

1. Blogging: – Blogging is the best tool to earn money online. But it is also most difficult tool also. Definitely, one question is coming in your mind. Why, and the answer is it takes lots of hard work, continuous dedication, writing love & technical knowledge. When you want to start a blog have too few things keep in the mind which is given below.

  1. Select brand name. For instance-
  2. Buy Domain & Hosting
  3. Use WordPress CMS to operate your blog.
  4. Use SEO technique to get more traffic
  5. Publish blogs
  6. Link your blog with Adsense
  7. Social Promotion (Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc.)

Within 6 points, I tried to highlight all point to start blogging. If you want more details so that keep following my “how to start WordPress blog series. Under this series, I will cover all small things which are never covered by other bloggers.

2. Youtube – Youtube is another popular medium of blogging. This is the highest paid medium to earn money & you can also a popular very short span of time. In this case, you must have unique content. For example, technical Guru Ji/Sharma Ji only focuses tech review & news and TVF, AIB, Dice Media they mostly focus stand-up comedy videos, web series etc. Using this medium you can start Your own youtube channel.

  1. Web Series
  2. Technical Reviews & news
  3. Youtube News Channel
  4. Youtube Health Channel
  5. Youtube Inspired Stories Channel
  6. Youtube Kitchen Channel
  7. Youtube Makeup Tips Channel Etc.

3. Affiliate Marketing – Might be you are not aware of what is affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning money to promoting other people product via your blog or referral medium. Once user signup via affiliate link for a particular product which you are promoting, you will get money in terms of commission. This process called affiliate marketing. You can also get commission via Clickbank, v-commission etc websites.

4. Online Coaching Classes – If you did seriously above activity. Now you are enough mature into the online world. Now you can open your own online coaching classes by charging of nominal fees & guide others who are new in this field.

5. Freelance Consultant – Freelance consultant is someone who is consulting digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing & email marketing etc. There are many brands in the market some of them can afford high paid digital marketing agencies and some of them cannot, you can pitch them both but the big brand will not entertain you. I would like to suggest go niche and find out those companies which can not afford high paid digital marketing agencies. Pitch them “How can you are better to them & what you can do for them, use digital marketing strategies.

I hope if your presentation will be ok definitely you will your independent projects. You will pay continues efforts towards freelance consultant business. in near future, you can present your self as a brand. So guys start following me for better leaning & get best tips which you never get.

Hope this blog helps you a lot. Please do comment & share.

How to Make Money from online Blogging?
How to Make Money from online Blogging? - Digital Upendra

Make Money from online Blogging - Most of the people once read about online making money. They will either tell you it a joke or fake news. But my friends

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