Best 40+ Infographic Submission Sites List to Hack Backlinks

Infographic Submission Sites List

Submission of the site is something that is going to give you an edge in making SEO of your site, but there are some simple and easy things that make a big difference in everything.

One such thing is to identify which thing to submit where. Yes, this is a very much important thing. There are different sharing sites, where you will have to get a free account and start sharing, but not all sites are meant for all things.

For example, Pinterest is for sharing images, where Quora is for sharing Q&A and Vimeo is to share your videos. Like that, sharing infographics has other platforms too and if you are looking to share the infographics of your site, the only thing that is to be done at this point is to get the Infographics Submission Sites List and start working on those.

However, there are some other things that are creeping inside your mind at the present. This includes – why to go for infographics and why to share those. Follow the article till the end, you will get answers to all your questions.

Why Choose Infographics?

On the contrary, graphical representation of the same is going to give the best and that too by easy means. Here are the details on this account about why the infographics are a friendlier to your visitors, compared to another type of contents – 

Infographics are the graphics that is formed by the collection of information and graphics. Information, when written in the format of articles, are often regarded to be very much boring to many.

  • The first thing is that an image puts more impact on the visitors than that of general contents. While that image gives the essential explanations with the information and the animation effects, if any, then that puts more impulses on the site traffic too.
  • Images take lesser time to load than videos and they are going to give an instant effect to the visitors. The first of all the thing is regarding the understanding, which is affected with a glance on it only, and the second thing is that an image explanation is more remembered by anyone, than that in the content.

Why share Infographics?

Now that you have understood that infographics are going to make the things special for you, it is time to understand why it is essential to share the items.

  • The first and foremost reason for the same is regarding the traffic at your site. As you go through the Infographic Submission Sites List, you will explore that the sites are highly popular and each of the sites is accessed by some or other niches. Thus whatever the niche of your blog is, you will be able to get traffic easily, while you share your infographics with the sharing sites,
  • Along with the traffic, the sites and the link of your site with the infographics, that might be laying inline or at the caption, will get more clicks and hence these Free Infographic Submission Sites List will serve you like backlinks. This will again increase your page ranking.
  • Random traffic is mostly brought from social media, but the sharing of the graphics at this portal will bring quality traffic, among whom, you will find a better stay time at the site and also will find that they are subscribing more at your site, hence increasing the weight of the site with the search engines.
  • Leaving all the aspects, you can consider this to be an effective way to share the enriched view of yours that is going to bring the right kind of response for your efforts.
  • Finally, one thing, you are forgetting. You are going to share your business views and hence more than anything, you will find that your business is getting ultimate benefit from this sharing.

How to submit your infographics?

For every new thing, there remains a procedure. In fact, you can innovate one every time, but if the traditional method is used first and then modifications are made, that will stop your time wastage to a great extent. Here lies the traditional method to access these sites –

  • First of all, you will have to select among the Infographic Submission Sites List 2019, which is having better PR. As you have that, create an account in each of the sites. Choose only the free sites – in fact, the free sites are the only one to have more PRs.
  • As you complete this process, you will be putting your iconographical images there. If the images can be edited, then place proper keywords and links in the image, or else put proper captions and link them with your site.
  • Finally, you have done all the parts, you have to do. Now is the time to make people find you. To do that, you will have to take care of Hash Tags. These are the keywords that will track your infographics and will reach there.
  • The last part is to remain in open communication. Visitors will watch the graphics and some of them will make comments too. Never ever feel that you will not answer to those comments as answering the comment means, you have given the invitation to the other party to visit your site

Top 10 Infographic Submission Sites list for 2020

  1. Reddit
  3. Infographic Reviews
  4. Mashable Infographics
  6. Infographics Archive
  7. uCollect Infographics
  8. Best Infographics
  9. Flickr
  10. Infographics Showcase
  11. Infographic Bee
  12. Fast Company
  13. Cool Infographics
  14. Infographic Reviews
  15. Infographic Journal
  16. Daily Infographic
  17. Pinterest
  18. Flowing Data
  19. NerdGraph
  20. I Love Charts
  21. Infographic Labs
  22. Media Caffeine
  23. News I Like
  24. Infosthetics
  25. NerdGraph
  26. Submit Infographics
  27. Infographic Post
  28. Infographic Plaza
  29. Visulattic
  30. Shit Hot Infographics
  31. Infographic Database
  32. Galleryr
  33. Winfographics
  34. The Infographics
  35. All Infographics
  36. Infographic Portal
  37. Behance
  38. Submit Visuals
  39. Amazing Infographics
  40. Infographics Posters
  41. LKRLLC
  42. Only Infographic
  43. InfographicAlley
  44. AniArt Design

Now, You have now enough idea about what infographics is, why to go for them and why to share those at Infographic Submission websites.

From the article, you also gained the knowledge about how to use the sharing sites, so that you can get a better result, after sharing. All these things are great to be watched and to be made effective.

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