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Rank Math SEO Plugin Review 2020: Is It Death Of Yoast SEO?

90 / 100 SEO Score

Rank Math starts creating a buzz after many blogger & developer complaining about Yoast bug issue. Mini lions of people lost his trust, revenue & time. So that people looking for another same kind but better solution. Here, Rank math SEO plugin take a place. It is creating buzz nowadays.

Rank Math will change the WordPress SEO industry forever. If you are a blogger or website owner and using WordPress website. So that you required SEO for your website.

If you do manually hire a developer for implementing SEO meta tags, robots.txt, XML sitemap etc that will be costly. So you need something which cutdown you cost. If you will use the correct SEO plugin. Here, Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin play a smart role. It is a good option for any blogger or website owner.

This SEO plugin does a great job for your on page & technical SEO both.

There are many WordPress see the plugin in the market such as Yoast (Most popular) All in one SEO etc but Yoast is a most popular & trusted plugin in the world. I had tried this(Rank Math) SEO plugin for my website. I feel it is the best option in the place of Yoast SEO plugin.

I am sure when Rank math will launch worldwide. Yoast SEO will lose his market share.

Now let’s understand Rank Math but before that let’s know

“Rank Math simplified SEO. You don’t require any technical knowledge. Rank Math masterpieces developed by mythemeshop.com. I can guarantee to you that it will improve your traffic & clicks by 2X”

What is Rank Math?

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Rank Math is the most powerful and lightweight WordPress SEO plugin for your all SEO needs. This SEO plugin will not slow down your website. The Rank Math SEO Plugin helps to do technical SEO & optimise your content for SEO. Even if you are a non-techie. The Rank math is the only plugin which contains all factor which is required for SEO.

Why is Rank Math SEO Plugin game changer?

  • Easy Setup
  • Lightweight & fast SEO Plugin
  • Smart SEO Analyser
  • Email Ranking Reporting
  • 1 click import From Yoast & AIO SEO.
  • No Limit For Keyword Optimization
  • Google Keywords Rank Tracking
  • Full Schema Support
  • Google Search Console
  • Fastest link Building (Coming Soon)
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Bulk Optimization
  • Premium 24x7x365 Support
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce [Coming Soon]
  • Full Control ROBOTS Meta On All Posts, Pages or Custom Post types
  • Google, Bing, Alexa, Yandex & Pinterest Verification Tool
  • Redirect Attachments to Their Parent Posts, Pages or Custom Post types
  • Etc.

To Whom Rank Math SEO Plugin will benefits? 

  • Bloggers
  • E-Commerce Player,
  • Niche Sites
  • Businesses
  • Local Businesses
  • News Websites [Coming Soon]
  • Startups
  • Real State
  • Artist & Photographers
  • Directories
  • Any WordPress Website

How is rank math different from other SEO plugins?

The Rank math is completely “FREE”. There are no charges for WordPress SEO plugin. Currently, Many WordPress SEO plugins available in the market. All of them changed for extra features or they don’t have extra features but the rank math is the only plugin in the marketing. It is just not free it has all advanced features. You don’t spend any single penny till now.

Currently, They have all basic & advance SEO features. They are coming up with other super advanced features such as keyword tracking, search console analysis, new sitemap submission, woo commence optimisation etc.

What are features of Rank math? 

1. Easy Setup Wizard & Compatibility Check –

Rank math SEO plugin installation is quite simple. During the installation, it will instruct & ask you many questions. You have tick relevant to your website. You can compare with the Yoast SEO plugin. If you have installed Yoast SEO plugin then you don’t need to worry.Rank-Math-Setup-Wizard-digital upendra

2. User-Friendly Interface –

Rank math interface, It is quite good. It is divided into the different category, under the category they have sub-category with the respective category. We have full access to all setting. Even a non-technical person operate simply. You don’t need to know technical knowledge.Rank-Math-User-Interface-digital upendra

3. Google Webmaster Central Integration [In Progress]

Rank math will show important information from your Google search console to the WordPress admin dashboard. It will show keyword positioning, crawl error, clicks & impression etc. So you don’t need to log in google search console.Rank-Math-Google-Webmaster-Central-Integration-digital upendra

4. Keyword Comparison & Google Trends Tool [Coming Soon]

Keyword Research is always a difficult thing but Rank math will make easy this task. It will help to identify those keywords which are potential for your blogging. Google Trend will you to tell about the latest trend. Under this tool, you will able to compare two keywords and this comparison will show in a graph show will instantly identify the potential keyword.Rank-Math-Keyword-Comparison-Tool-digital upendra

5. Google Crawl Errors –

404 errors provide the bad user experience. You have to fix them immediately. Rank math helps to identify 404 errors for desktop 7 mobile both. Within Rank Math, they have 404 monitor section. By this section,n we identify all list of 404 error pages.Rank-Math-Crawl-Errors-digital upednra

6. Contextual Help (tooltips, notices, help tabs, etc)

Suppose you have written a blog post and you not able to identify that how much this post is SEO friendly. Rank math has informative tooltips. It will automatically provide SEO oriented suggestions. So that you can make your post better & SEO friendly.Rank-Math-Contextual-help-digital upendra

7. Automated Image SEO –

Image SEO or alt tag help to improve your website SEO, health. This technique will help you to generate more traffic. Rank math has the potential to do auto image SEO. It adds automatically images alt and title attribute. Even, Rank math does not change your post in an archive.Rank-Math-Automated-Image-SEO-digital upendra

8. XML Sitemap –

XML site helps search engine to find and index your website. Rank math generates an auto XML sitemap for your post and pages or you can say your website. It helps to create news, images, post & pages etc. One best thing about is Rank math XML sitemap is that you can customize it as per your need.Rank-Math-XML-Sitemap-digital upendra

9. Rich Snippet Support –

Rich snippet provides additional information to google search engine and users. WordPress does not provide any rich snippet support by default. So, We have to take help from 3rd party plugin which may be slow down to your website. But in Rank math SEO plugin. It comes by default. You don’t need to install any 3rd party snippet plugin. Rank Math provides various rich snippet category.Rank-Math-Rich-Snippet-Support-digital upendra

10. Article Rich Snippet –

If you add the correct meta tag to your post allows a search engine to understand your post better. Rank math provides article rich snippet to your post to get a better click-through rate.Rank-Math-Article-Rich-Snippets-digital upendra

11. Product Rich Snippet –

Rank Math is the only SEO plugin which provides product rich snippet. It can be added to the page with a single click. You can add the product name, description, product no, inventory, and extra other details about the product which can then be then shown in the SERPs. So that you will get better CTR, Traffic & Revenue.Rank-Math-Product-Rich-Snippets-digital upendra

12. Recipe, Events & Video Rich Snippet –

Give the push to your Recipe, Events & Video to rank better in Google SERP with help Rank math’s Recipe, Events & Video Rich Snippet. These snippets can be added in the single click.

13. Local Business Rich Snippet –

If you are a local business, So you must have local business rich snippet. This will help to rank your local keywords. But one bad thing about this feature is it doesn’t provide geotagging for images.Rank-Math-Local-Business-Rich-Snippets-digital upendra

14. News Sitemap for Submitting Websites on Google News [Coming Soon] –

News websites get n number of traffic. You can activate this features by a single click. This feature is not launched yet. We have to wait that it will include in a free version or paid version.Rank-Math-News-Sitemap-digital upendra

15. Video Sitemap For Video Websites [Coming Soon]

Rank math is fully compatible with google video sitemap guideline. This will help to do video SEO your videos also it help to index your video.

16. Ping Search Engines –

Rank Math is very smart once you update new and old page or post. It directly pings to a various search engine such as google, yahoo & bing etc. You don’t need to update manually. This automatically ping process help to get more traffic & save time.Rank-Math-Ping-Search-Engines--digital upendra

17. Excellent Code Quality –

Rank Math SEO plugin is very lightweight, powerful, & secure SEO plugin.Rank-Math-Code-Quality-digital upendra

18. SEO Analysis Tool Based on 70+ Factors –

Rank math has 70+ SEO factor which will help you to analyse SEO for your website with an only single click. It will give you automatically update to improve your SEO campaign.Rank-Math-SEO-Analysis-Tool-digital upendra

19. Local SEO Optimization –

If your business is local this feature will bring you more traffic & make your brand presence better.  This plugin is quite simple in use. You have to enter your business details. It will add relevant metadata to your website. To get better ranking in search engine.Rank-Math-Local-SEO-Optimization-digital upendra

20. Customize SEO For Single Items –

Rank Math has a facility to customize SEO for single post & page. You can easily override the default setting to the current setting. This process will apply for one post or page.

Customize-SEO-For-Single-Items-digital upendra

21. Shortcode for Displaying Contact Information [Coming Soon]

This is amazing features. Rank math has possibly to change your existing content information with rank math shortcode for contact details. It will update automatically everywhere.Rank-Math-Local-Business-Shortcode-digital upendra

22. Link Builder –

Very Handy For Internal Linking [Coming Soon] Rank Math design in such a way that it will create internal link juice. You have to enter a keyword, you would want a link. Rank math will create his magic and add links within your keyword. This could be a fabulous reason Rank math is a great plugin.Rank-Math-Link-Builder-digital upendra

23. Advanced Redirection Manager –

Rank math seo plugin has a facility to redirect 404 error directly from your WordPress. You don’t need to login c-panel or install any 3rd party SEO plugin.Rank-Math-Advanced-Redirection-Manager-digital upendra

24. Highly Customizable Breadcrumbs –

Breadcrumbs not only help in visually navigating a website, but they also help you get more traffic from search engines by helping you stand out from rest of the results and help search engines understand your content hierarchy.Rank-Math-Highly-Customizable-Breadcrumbs-digital upendra

25. Display Breadcrumbs in Themes Automatically –

Breadcrumbs provide good user experience but every SEO plugin does not provide this feature. It helps your website visually appealing in a search engine.Rank-Math-Breadcrumbs-in-Theme-digital upendra

26. 404 Monitor – Simple & Advanced –

Suppose you are searching for some information & you click a particular link which through 404 error. This is a wrong user experience. Rank math has this auto 404 monitor facility to identify all errors with your wordless website. Even you can redirect Attachments to Their Parent Posts, Pages or Custom Post types.Rank-Math-404-Monitor-digital upendra

27. Facebook Automatic Open Graph –

Rank math makes your website easy to share on social media. Rank math helps to create open graph and user to know better what is content.Rank-Math-Facebook-Open-Graph-digital upendra

28. Yoast & AIO Advanced Options Importer –

If you ready to move from Yoast & AIO to Rank math. Rank Math will import your existing setting, tags etc within a single click. So, You need to worries about anything. I tried personally. I am happy to see all setting imported from Yoast to Rank Math.Rank-Math-Yoast-Import-digital upendra

29. Add Icon Overlay to Thumbnail For FB, Twitter & G+ –

CTR is no one SEO factor. Rank will help you to get more CRT by using “add Icon Overlay to Thumbnail For FB, Twitter & G+”. Rank math will automatically add play button or custom gif to increase clicks.Rank-Math-Open-Graph-Overlay-Icon-digital upendra

30. Google, Bing, Alexa, Yandex & Pinterest Verification Tool –

Within your Rank Math SEO plugin, you can verify your most important property such as Google, Bing, Alexa, Yandex & Pinterest. You have to add respective code. You don’t put manually by using c panel.Rank-Math-Verification-Tool-digital upendra

31. Default Share Image –

If you don’t have a catchy image on twitter. Your post will not click. Rank math default image share feature helps you to grow your clicks.Rank-Math-Default-Share-Image-digital upendra

32. Twitter Meta Cards –

Twitter is a way to get popularity if you are using in a correct way. Rank Math twitter meta card support to create rich and engaging tweets which will get more traffic.Rank-Math-Twitter-Cards-digital upendra

33. Focus Keyword and Content Analysis –

If you have one most important keyword in your page or post. It will help to increase your ranking. Rank math asks you for focus keyword in your post & page. Rank math will identify that you use correctly your keyword in your content or not. If not then Rank Math provide suggestions.

34. Control The Title & Meta Description of All Posts, Pages, Category or Custom Post types –

Your Title & Meta Description of All Posts, Pages or Custom Post types is the factor to improve CTR & ranking of keywords. Rank Math will help to write title & description with any coding. It provides an instant preview of your post in SERP.

35. Get found by all search engines and social media sites –

Rank Math add additional metadata to your website which help search engine to a social network to understand better.

36. Control ROBOTS Meta On All Posts, Pages or Custom Post types –

You have full freedom to showcase any post or page or bared any post and page. Rank math provides full manual control with a single click.Rank-Math-Control-Robotos-Meta-digital upendra

37. Add Knowledge Graph Meta Data –

The rank math adds relevant metadata to your website so that your website can rank relevant keywords.Rank-Math-Knowledge-Graph-Meta-digital upendra

38. Bulk Edit Titles & Descriptions of All Your Content –

If you want to make changes in many post or pages. Rank math has setting to select many post or pages at a one time and you can edit them in one go.Rank-Math-Mass-Edit-Titles-Descriptions-digital upendra

39. Compatibility with WooCommerce [Coming Soon] –

Rank math has a facility to meta tags in your products. So that people can easily find your product.Rank-Math-WooCommerce-Compatible-digital upendra

40. Choose Your Separator Character –

Rank math has all separator which helps you to stand out in a crowd. It depends on you which separator you want to add. Most common separater is “Hyphen” & “Pipe”.Rank-Math-Separator-Character-digital upendra

41. Social Media Account Integration –

Rank Math adds relevant metadata to your website so that your social profile will show inside on search engine SERP.Rank-Math-Social-Media-Account-Integration-digital upendra

42. Optimize Author Profiles by Enabling SEO Meta Box for Users –

You can rank your auto profile by enabling SEO Meta Box for Users. You have to optimize it per seo requirement. Your author page will help you to build trust if you optimize it properly. Rank Math help for same.

43. .htaccess Editor –

.htaccess it very fragile file in your c-panel. Please make a copy as a backup. So that if you make any changes. It will not crash your website. Rank math has direct option to edit your .htaccess file within your WordPress website. You don’t need to login c-panel to edit .htaccess. It a very powerful tool so use carefully.Rank-Math-Edit-htaccess-file-digital upendra

44. robots.txt Editor –

Robots.txt is a very small and powerful file which tells a search engine what content to index. You can directly make the changes rank math seo plugin.Rank-Math-Edit-Robotos-txt-file-digital upendra

45. Remove Stopwords –

As per search engine, guideline URL must be a need and clean. So rank math removes stop words such as “a” “the” “and” etc. It creates friendly URL.Rank-Math-Remove-Stopwords-digital upendra

46. Detailed Documentation –

If you are user or developer, Rank math have detailed documentation for both. These documents have all the information for each setting.Rank-Math-Help-Documentation-digital upendra

47. 24x7x365 Support –

Rank math has 24x7x365 Support. I have seen on his Facebook page. If you post something related to Rank math they will instant reply and try to resolve the issue.

Wrap Up

In my opinion, the Rank Math SEO plugin is very good for any user. It is easy to understand & user-friendly. Rank math is the best alternative of Yoast, All in One SEO pack, WP SEO Plugin etc. The best thing about them is that you don’t require any technical knowledge.

Rank Math is under testing version. It is not rolled out when it will be rolled out. It will grab more share in the SEO plugin industry.

My Theme Shop has done an extraordinary job for introducing WordPress.

If you want more update on Rank Math to follow my Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter G+ & Youtube.

Download Rank Math SEO Plugin

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Rank Math SEO Plugin Review 2020: Is It Death Of Yoast SEO?
Rank Math SEO Plugin Review 2020: Is It Death Of Yoast SEO? - Digital Upendra

Rank Math starts creating a buzz after many blogger & developer complaining about Yoast bug issue. Mini lions of people lost his trust, revenue & t

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