Thrive Themes Review – Conversion Focused Themes and Plugins

Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes Review – Conversion Focused Themes and Plugins

Warning - If you are new & want to start blogging career. This is a must read blog.

Easy to Use


Thrive theme design themes & plugin to keep in the mind non techies.



Thrive theme comes with full flage featurs leads, landing page, content builder, quiz, headline optmizer.



Thrive theme comes with affordable prices. Thrive membership start from $19.



Thrive theme provide great support.

In this thrive theme review post you will learn about

WordPress Compatible Theme (Thrive Themes)

Lead Capture Form (Email Capture or Lead magnet) – (Thrive Leads)

Content Builder Plugin (Thrive Architect)

Landing Pages & more than this.

So let’s start…

If you talk  a about my thrive theme review before answering me just let me know. “If you are looking elegant design, optimized website speed, conversion focused theme and plugin & easy editable for non techie. So thrive theme can be a perfect solution for you blogging business.”

As I’m using it long time for my blogging. thrive theme (thrive leads) help me a lot to capture email in form of lead magnet. This is a best alternate of optin monster which cost more than that.

Applying a proper theme on your WordPress site can change the way it is working for you.

As the full potential of the site will be extracted then, you will be able to establish your business or blog in a much efficient style.

Try out the latest thrive themes plugin for this purpose. It has been tested to be one of the best-going plugin for WordPress.

Go through thrive themes review before applying the same on your WordPress. You will know all its functions, features and the special attributes of it and that will be very much helpful for your work too.

Thrive Themes& Plugins Review

Thrive Themes Review

What is the theme?

Theme is nothing but style of the website. 

Thrive theme is a highly advanced yet easy going WordPress theme that has been designed in the year 2013. It is the theme that will give all the WordPress users endless options to create high-end websites with all its features.

Excellently designed, this theme is equipped with some of the ultimate architectural qualities which provides drag and drop option to the users and hence help them to design the ultimate WordPress website at ease.

How to install Thrive Theme?

Here is the step by step guidance about installing thrive themes for your WordPress website –

  1. After you purchase the theme, it will be visible under the Settings tab in your WordPress Dashboard section.
  2. Click the product and install it. It will take around two minutes to download all the PHP folders and store them in your WordPress.
  3. As this step is completed, you will find two buttons – “back to Dashboard” and “Activate Theme”. Click on the “Activate Theme” button for activating the full version of thrive themes.

After activating the theme, you will be able to run the theme for your WordPress quite easily.

Thrive Themes Review: WordPress Themes

Before installing a paid theme, a thorough review if the same is essential. You will know the features it has, the ease of handling the theme and its features, and finally the actual worth of the theme for your site. Here is the detailed thrive themes review which will guide you about every attribute of it and will essentially provide you with a guided trip around the theme features. 

The details of the review about the thrive themes so that your decision making can be fascinated –

Basic elements – General settings

The first impression of a site is the vital thing as that tends to catch hold of your viewers and make them flow through the site using the navigations. Unless you put the first impression on them, they will try to move out of the site and surf elsewhere.

Thrive themes are supported with some of the elements in the general setting itself that are going to give you some attractive tools to increase the stay time of your viewers on the pages. Here are the basic elements that you will get in the general section of thrive themes

✔   Fix the Logotype – It can be an image, can be a set of texts or can be a mix of the both

✔   Fix the logo position, so that you can put your ads at the right place and yet make the site name bright enough to find the glow.

✔   If you want your clients to contact you faster, Thrive Architect is going to give you the option to include your contact number at the top, in the header section.

✔   You can even customize the footer section and can include the related contents list, making the navigation easier and better communicative for the viewers.

Style Settings – the easy flow of your navigation

Setting the style in the site is another thing that makes a site perfect in all sense. In the style segment, you can customize almost everything.

✔   Make your navigation bar floating or make it fixed – your viewers will never miss out the navigation if you feel its need.

✔   Customize your blog view and also the sidebar layout – customize everything that your clients actual needs.

✔   Also, schedule your colour scheme and if you want to elaborate your menu, then extended menu option is also there.

Blog Settings

Your blog must not be fixed to one article. Rather, it must have the option in its page, so that the viewers can also go through the related contents and make it more effective. Some of the options that you will get in thrive themes are –

✔   You can customize the Meta info and thus make it easy of the analytics to track your blog using post dates and categories.

✔   You can put before and after coming blogs, to make your viewers aware of what is coming next.

✔   Wordpress special featured image can also be customized at the optimum level for the best support.

Analytics settings

This is the area, where all the codes related to Google Analytics and Webmasters are to be placed. You can also add some other codes, for some other activities like fixing the footer or putting a marquee in different sections, like that.

Performence settings

Here you are going to get the options to make the image loading lazy. This will eventually, decrease the page loading time and will ultimately help your viewers to scroll down your pages at ease.

Social Settings

As you apply to thrive themes, there will be no further need for adding any Social buttons plug-in any more. You will be able to add all the popular social media buttons on your posts, pages or both at ease. You can even show the like counts, to grab more attention for your viewers to follow you on social networks.

There are other options too, where you can set the query for showing related posts or can show/hide the comments to your viewers.

Thrive Architect Page Builder Features –

While you will be using thrive themes, usage of extra plug-ins will not be needed at all. The main reason for that is not that the theme comes with lots of plug-ins with it, but the actual reason is different. The theme comes with lots of functions, which is equivalent to a plug-in. And on the other end, the theme is having excellent conversion plug-ins, which will fetch the needful traffic to your site naturally. The essential need of the plug-ins is this very conversion. When that is available with the main theme itself, then there remains the need of the plug-ins?

Among the top plug-ins that are available with the theme, there is the Thrive Architect, which is marvellous support for building interactive layouts for your home pages, landing pages, contacts and even for the blogs. The other tools that come with the package include Lead managing tool, ovation managing tool and the ultimatum to give you all that you need.

1.  Thrive Architect Review
“Easiest drag & drop page builder for non-techies”

Each and every plug-in has its own set of usage and the review of the same must also be done from that angle only. If you want to get through the Thrive Architect review, the first thing that you must come across is the fanciness of the tool to create your landing pages. This is the best available visual editor that is going to make the landing pages of yours and other applicable pages highly interactive and traffic puller.

Thrive Architect Review

  • What is Thrive Architect?

To be very accurate, Thrive Architect can be referred to as a visual editor plug-in that naturally comes in the package of the thrive theme. It is going to give you three major things –

  1. Drag and drop feature to configure your pages at ease
  2. Interactive layouts, that has already been configured – just choose them and fill them to get traffic instantly
  3. Outstanding responsive elements that will help you to design the pages ideally for all devices at one click. 
  • Details of Thrive Architect

For a deeper Thrive Architect review, you just need to go through a journey of the features of the Thrive Architect. As you go through them, you will understand easily, why it is much better than all the other applications of similar type.

  1. First of all, this is a visual editor, which is extremely easy to be used. There are other similar tools, if you want to get a plug-in separately, they have the drag and drop features in them, but none of them is so much interactive and easy going and none of them is having so many layouts customizing options in them. This is where Thrive Architect is so much different from all other plug-ins.
  2. There is not a single visual editor that will give you such a great sidebar configuring support. If you are thinking in that way, you can even apply customized sidebars for each of the pages.
  3. Extremely appealing are the layouts and the graphical representation of the editor makes it one of the highest rated visual editor in the entire theme store of WordPress. Along with that, you can get an extensive responsive version of the same. So you can decide what to show on the desktops and on the mobile devices or can keep all the things similar for your subscribers.
  4. High level of customization facility is another great option that you will get in the application. You can customize each and every element while using the Thrive Architect and that makes it so much different a tool form all the other tools and gadgets.
  5. The tool is highly compatible with all the gadgets and themes. So, if you are using any of the thrive themes, you can apply this plug-in and get the most from it.
  • Thrive Architect Pros

The app gives you lifetime updates – so, there is no need of getting elsewhere for any support.

There is not a single visual editor which is much easier to be used in the entire WordPress gallery than this one – the real-time Thrive Architect review says the same thing.

All the elements that are available here are visually responsive and thus you can use this tool anytime and for any of the devices.

There are some of the most excellent pre-built landing pages, which are tested to give you excellent traffic support.

The Thrive Architect is going to give the option to customize just everything.

You can block anything by using this tool. At times you can block some elements to be shown on the desktop and some for the mobile devices.

  • Thrive Architect Cons

   The Thrive Architect has no auto-save feature. So if your server fails, your all hard work will be entirely lost. However, you can save progress from time to time.

   If you are looking for AMP format, that is not applicable in this tool. However, naturally, the pages are having lightning speed. So that can be managed well.

The app is having some minor glitches, which can be removed soon, as new updates continue to flow in the tool.

  • Thrive Architect Final verdict

It is true that there are some minor glitches in the plug-in, but the overall estimate of the tool is excellent. You are going to get the best support of it and at the same time, you are also going to make some of the best pages that are naturally equipped and designed to fetch you high-quality traffic. The pre-defined landing page layouts in the Thrive Architect are even better and the visual impact of the gadget allows the non-tech users too to find the best use of the tool for creating their WordPress website highly interactive. So, the overall Thrive Architect review, in this case, is outstanding.

2. Thrive Leads Review

All in one lead generator WordPress plugin will save your money.

Collecting data from visitors is one of the prime objectives for your site. This data will convert them either to the subscriber or to clients. The best way to get that is available with Thrive Leads. It is going to give you the support of essential leads and that is ultimately warm up your site. There is no need for any other plug-ins for this purpose. Rather, the need is of the simple plug-in from Thrive alone. Get through the thrive leads review and you will find that there is not a single plug-in that can do a better conversion, among all the plug-ins available in WordPress gallery.

Thrive Leads Review

  • What is Thrive Leads?

Thrive leads is going to give the best support to you in the form of lead generation through interactive forms and through pop up window forms. A separate form page is not the choice now for the readers and website visitors. So the need is in the form of inline forms, which can be operated and closed too, with a simple click. Thrive Leads is meant to give that very option to you.  

Thus this can be regarded as a lead collection tool that will work perfectly for you. You can get the best available options in the gadget, using which the forms are direct to be accessed, as they are already created for you.

  • Details of Thrive Leads

To access Thrive Leads, you need to get through a deeper Thrive Leads review and that can be mentioned with some of the essential features of the app easily.

  1. You can create unlimited numbers of forms with the leads and can place them anywhere on your page.
  2. The custom forms in Thrive Leads can be applied in the form of pop-up windows and also can be placed in the inline stages, making the form filling easy and flowing for the visitors.  
  3. The forms can be accessed at ease and they are even closable through one click. So, it is not going to create any nuisance for your visitors.
  4. All the forms, which you will get through Thrive Leads, are responsive and hence they will work absolutely fine from your mobile devices.
  5. Opt in widgets and Scroll mat content is equipped with content lockers too so that you can get better access of the plug-in in any of the pages.
  6. Use shortcodes and put the forms anywhere and that is the best part of the plug-in according to the Thrive Leads review.  
  7. You will get a detail inline of the leads and the clicks and all the assets from the plug-in dashboard and hence there is no need of any other plug-in, free or paid.
  • Thrive Leads Pros
  1. Create an unlimited number of forms and put as many forms as you need in one page.
  2. You can easily create light-box popup easy going forms that will be highly interactive for the visitors.
  3. Set the timing of the popup so that they can bet very much conversant with the users.
  4. Create Lead groups using the Thrive Leads and make the form applicable for them, while you need suggestions from subscribers only.
  5. All the elements that are available here are visually responsive and thus you can use this tool anytime and for any of the devices.
  6. Can put the forms on all the pages and even on the category pages or within blogs – so highly interactive.   
  • Thrive Leads Cons

For the first time users, the plug-in is highly confusing. The main clause is the number of options that Thrive Leads has. Due to so many options, it becomes really tough to get the things right at the beginning.

According to the Thrive Leads review, the plug-in is applicable only on one website. Hence, if you have multiple websites, the form will create a nuisance, as you will be unable to configure which site has fetched the data.

  • Thrive Leads Final verdict

Collecting everything, odds or evens, it can be said that this is one of the finest plug-ins that you will get in the WordPress store that is meant for lead generation. Thrive Leads is highly interactive and fully featured to give you the best output at all stages. There are some faults in the application, but despite those, Thrive Leads review can be made that this is one of the best lead collecting app for WordPress sites.  


3. Thrive Ovation Review

“The testimonial building plug-in for WordPress”

Thrive is having excellent plug-ins that are going to give you the best output in terms of testimonial buildings. There are some of the things that are going to give essential support to all the users, who will create, arrange and format testimonials for your WordPress sites. There are three options that are going to give you options to use the plug-in on multiple websites.

Thrive Ovation Review

Thrive Ovation Pros

  1. The Thrive Ovation is going to give multiple options to put hundreds of templates at one place
  2. You can include hundreds of testimonials in your sites using the plug-in.
  3. According to Thrive Ovation Review, you can manage all the things in the testimonials including images, details and tags.
  4. There are thousands of templates that are going to give the best designs for your WordPress sites.

Thrive Ovation Cons

The plug-in is a paid one and all of the formats are paid. So whether you use it for one site or for multiple sites, in all the cases, you will have to make a purchase.

4. Thrive Ultimatum Review

Run Campaign and make the most out of Thrive themes

There are different campaigning tools in the WordPress stores but this one is going to give the best support with all the campaigns and different templates that it has. The Thrive Ultimatum is having some of the best support in terms of repeated campaigns and automatic renewals. You can also get through the results of the campaigns in this plug-in function.  According to Thrive Ultimatum review, the campaigns can be launched in the theme templates too.

Thrive Ultimatum Review

Thrive Ultimatum Pros –

This is the best tool that is going to give you excellent campaigns

The plug-in will give you the best options to fix the campaigns in the best way – you can fix them at the footer or at the header of your site

Decorate your ribbon with colours and styles, which are available in the Thrive Ultimatum.

Thrive Ultimatum Cons –

The campaigns can be shown on single websites only

5. Thrive Headline Optimizer

This is the tool that is going to give the best option to apply a countdown timer for your headlines and run campaign. There are three things that are going to give you an option to change your headers from time to time, automatically. This is going to give the right service with the campaigns that are going to give the excellent service to find out which headline will run the best for your posts.

Thrive Headline Optimizer 2019

6. Thrive Comments

This is the tool that is going to give the best support to moderate the comments and run a campaign on those. The comments will automatically be moderated and can be optimized with your site. You can easily put comments and moderate them with different coupons to make the Thrive theme work the best for you.

Thrive Comments Review

7. Thrive Optimize

This is the theme plug-in that is going to give the best support in the Landing pages. You can alter the best supporting feature to change your landing pages from time to time so that these pages can be optimized for better performance and focus on the conversion rate of the pages.

Thrive Optimize Review

8. Thrive cleaver widgets

​This is the widget factory that works great for thrive themes, where you can place the different widgets on the pages easily and put the best of the widgets on the WordPress land pages.

Thrive Clever Widgets Review

9. Thrive Landing Pages

Here you can find hundreds of landing pages themes and layouts and can put them on your WordPress site. You can make them interactive and can also made it conversion facilitated.

Thrive Themes Membership review

While you go for a membership with the thrive themes, there are endless options that you will get and Thrive Themes Membership review says that this is the best part of thrive theme even. In fact, when comparisons of Thrive architect vs thrive membership is made then also according to real-time users, they put Thrive Themes Membership ahead of an architect. Here are the basic features that you will get in the Thrive Membership plans.

Theme plus a plug-in – while you go for Thrive Themes Membership, you may opt out some of the plug-ins that you need to have in case of using an architect. You will find the suggesting focus areas, where you can place your ads or your forms, which will help you while you need more conversions.

Landing page – templates of a landing page is excellent in this case. While you make a comparison of Thrive architect vs thrive membership, then you will find that membership plan is having much more template collection and at the same time is high yielding too. The templates are designed in such a way, where chances of your visitors getting distracted are least.

Packaged Plug-ins – Here you have no need to go to the market and get plug-ins every time. There are several plug-ins that come with the theme. This includes font managers, related posts support image optimization support and also sharing buttons.

Add easy pages – Here you will find the option of pages that you are going to add. So, not only the landing pages, templates are there for other pages too. You can insert sales pages, legal pages and also other types of pages. In all the cases, the pages can be created in just a few clicks.

Thrive Membership Plugins

Thrive themes pricing

For Thrive Themes Membership, you will get two types of pricing for membership. You can get the license for your individual use only at $19 for each month, and if you are running an agency, you can get that for $49 for each month.

Thrive Membership Pricing

Thrive themes discount & Coupon codes

Thrive themes do not give additional discounts, but in the packages itself, there are packages for five and fifteen licenses’ package. In each of the cases, you can get up to 30% discount.

In case you are going for Thrive Themes Membership, the discount percentage can go till 85% for each of the plug-ins, as the normal price rate is 67$.


The overall rating of Thrive themes is excellent, where you are going to get the best output in terms of conversion. The theme is extremely easy to be used with drag and drop features. As you use the theme, the need of using other plug-ins, except those made by thrives, is almost nil. 

The theme has an excellent collection of landing pages and outstanding features to create creative layouts for your WordPress website. There are some of the hinges in the theme, but the overall rating of the theme is quite good and it can be regarded to be one of the best themes for WordPress sites.

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Thrive Themes Review – Conversion Focused Themes and Plugins
Thrive Themes Review – Conversion Focused Themes and Plugins - Digital Upendra

Thrive Themes Review – Conversion Focused Themes and Plugins Warning - If you are new & want to start blogging career. This is a must read blog. Easy t

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