SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs SERanking 2023– Which SEO Tool Outrank Others

SEMrush VS Aherf VS SE Ranking: Which is the best SEO Tool?

Confusing, right? Well, it gets better as you go through the below comparisons

In this comparison of SEMrush vs Aherf vs SE ranking, we will compare the key differentiators of SEO tools and present the findings. It will make it easier for you to decide which one is best for your business need.

Semrush vs Ahrefs vs SERanking Differences

Number of Keywords for Google18,8B8,7B8,7B
Search enginesGoogleGoogle, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Daum, Naver, SeznamGoogle, YouTube, Yandex,
Clicks Data for KeywordsClicks potential metric (mostly based on SERP Features)Clicks (shows estimated number of clicks for the keywords per month)Clicks (shows estimated number of clicks for the keywords per month)
Mobile SERP RankingsyesnoYes
Side by side comparison between keyword profiles for PLA keywordsyesnono
Number of domains for Side by side comparison between keyword profilesUp to 5Up to 10Up to 5
Solution to dive into a niche and understand your target audience and its interestsYes (Market Explorer)nono
Get insights about your competitors trafficYes (Traffic Analytics)noYes
Ability to make a detailed analysis of toxic backlinks, toxic score and toxic markersBacklink Audit Tool: toxic links analysis with option to outreachNo separate tool (but you can find some toxic parameters in Site Explorer)No separate tool (but you can find some toxic parameters in Site Explorer)
Separate tool for link buildingLink Building Tool with full advanced workflow for outreachNo separate tool and no option to outreachNo detailed backlink tool and no option to outreach
Integration with Google Analytics and GSCyesnono
Option to find links that have been removed with a very accurate first found datenoyesyes
Outgoing linksnoyesyes
JavaScript renderingnoyesNo
Ability to check the SEO potential and originality of a piece of content in real-time, which is available for Google Docs and WordPressYes
(SEO Writing Assistant)
Solution for improving your web pages SEO by getting a list of ideas and recommendations based on your competitorsYes
(On Page SEO checker/SEO Content Template)
Ability to audit a website’s content performanceYes (Content Audit)nono
Ability to see the report with the results of the success of the external content effortsYes (Post Tracking)nono
Ability to track the online mentions of any word or phrase you wish to trackYes (Brand Monitoring)nono
Ability to find the most popular content on every topicnoYes
(in Content explorer)
SMM Toolsyesnoyes
PPC ToolsyesOnly small Paid Search section in Site ExplorerOnly small Paid Search section
Automated Listing Management Toolyesnono
Ability to find leads who need your marketing servicesYes (Oppty)nono
Ability to fully automate traffic acquisition and give instant access to hundreds of premium traffic sourcesYes (Traffic Jet)nono
Ability to order traffic-driving contentYes (Marketplace)nono

Semrush vs Ahrefs

Ahrefs and SEMrush both come with several rich features that online marketers use to put it in their processes. They acquire search traffic as required with these SEO tools. You will find Ahrefs and SEMrush both are offering comparable features.

 They are very much tune at similar price-points also. Both come across various similarities making it difficult to choose one from Ahrefs or SEMrush. We are going to compare below on many parameters.

Ahrefs & SEMrush Price Comparison

Ahrefs and SEMrush plans are having similar pricing at the entry-level. You can get both solutions at $99 per month. The huge difference is between the plans is keyword volume. Please refer to the table below. Both are a good solution for keyword research price-wise.

PlanPriceCompetitor Keywords AvailableKeyword Gap Analysis Results
SEMrush Pro Plan$99.9510,00010,000
Ahrefs Lite Plan$99All keywords in top 20 SERP results10
Ahrefs Advanced Plan$399All keywords in top 20 SERP results50,000
Suitable for
SEMrushBeginners, SEOs, bloggers, marketers and agencies
AhrefsMostly SEO experts and SEO agencies

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush Pricing

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SEMrush PRO vs GURU vs Business Plan & Pricing with Features Comparison

Plans & Pricing _ SEMrush

Plans & Pricing _ SEMrush 2

Plans & Pricing _ SEMrush 3

Do Want a 14 day SEMrush free trial?

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Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs Pricing

Start 7 Day for $7 trial (Worth $99.95)

Pricing Verdict 🔨

As you observe that SEMrush is more cost-effective.

Ahrefs & SEMrush Feature Comparison

As we have seen above, if you want to find which is a better solution, you need to compare their features. You can choose the optimum tool that can meet with your project need. Below we are trying to compare the features. We have addressed it from various points of view. It will give you ultimate selective mileage after going through these comparisons.

Keyword Research

Both have good keyword explorer’s tools. They return the required search volume. They also address keyword difficulty and CPC data for given keywords. But competitive analysis & keyword gap reports of SEMrush results in more keywords to a lower price point. 

SEMrush’s Keyword Magic tool is easier. Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer is comparatively complex. Both are equivalent tool operators. You can get insight into PPC keywords with PPC keyword tools. It analyses keywords used in campaigns and groups

The Keyword Magic tool is the outstanding feature of the SEMrush. It makes the function of finding keywords easy. It performs related searches to a particular keyword.

Ahrefs also has the same kind of operator. It is called a keyword explorer. It is similar in its operations but it does not function as easy as the Keyword magic tool of the SEMrush.

Ahrefs keyword explorer and gap analysis provide keyword gap report. You can see competitor’s keywords they rank high for but you do not rank for those keywords.


SEMrush has the advantage of keyword research.

Keyword Rank Tracking

SEMrush keeps on updating its keyword rankings each day. Ahrefs updates in few a days. SEMrush notifies changes in Google’s search algorithm that makes it to know the reason for major changes in keyword rankings. Ahrefs and SEMrush both track keyword ranking. This is required to showcase visibility into Google’s search results.

The valuable tool from Aherfs has a similarity as SEMrush. But the major ups down is keyword rank updating. Ahrefs updates it few intervals of days. This is the reason why the Ahrefs chart shows less volatility in comparison to SEMrush. SEM rush updated every day more frequently. It has added features to its rank tracker.

Verdict :

SEMrush is the better option for keyword rank tracking.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink data are updated in Aherfs more often. It presents more detailed visual backlink reports. It comes with more options with filters. You can get more dimensions in the backlinks reports for example redirect chain and languages etc. Ahrefs provides broken backlinks reports too while SEMrush, on the contrary, does not provide it.

Ahrefs is superior for backlink analysis features. SEMrush also has a similar operator. But the data provided by the SEM rush is not that fresh. Its backlink reports are less in detail in comparison to Ahrefs. SEMrush Data have less visualization and it does not have enough filtering option too.

With Aherfs you get deeper backlink report, broken backlinks reports. You can find backlinks pointing to a 404 error. Fixing these backlinks improves the backlink profile resulting in better SEO results.


Ahrefs is the best option for backlink analysis.

Site Auditing

Both SEMrush and Ahrefs come with good crawlers. They can easily track your website’s on-page SEO issues. Ahrefs crawl more data for a website’s in-depth review of the website’s performance. While SEMrush’s report is simpler and  easier. Both crawlers are comparable.  

These tools provide enough data to understand their websites’ on-page SEO errors. Crawler in SEMrush is quite effective and productive. They are a very good tool for beginners. The crawl overview is easy to comprehend, interpret, and highlights the SEO errors. It is easy to correct SEO errors. However, accessing raw data is a bit harder

SEMrush provides valuable reports by comparing the crawls’ report. This report shows the website’s performance over time. It is very easy to find to reduce on-site SEO issues.


SEM rush and Aherfs both are  the good option for site audits.

Competitive Analysis

SEMrush provides information about paid search information on the competition. They also provide information about display ads.

SEMrush shares up to 10,000 competing domains while Ahrefs shares only 10. You can see the top pages of by backlinks & traffic of the competition by both the tools.

Both provide a backlink and keyword gap analysis. However, Ahrefs fetches most information about the backlinks of the competition.

Ahrefs and SEMrush both fetch deep insights about your online competition. Both tools have a competitive paid search ads report. However, display advertising insight is only available with SEMrush.


Overall, SEMrush is a better tool for competitive analysis.

Superior features

Here we have listed the superior features; you can pick the solution that best suits your company priorities and needs. Following are  the superior features offered by each tool

Ahrefs has a superior feature in backlink research. It is the best tool to assess your website’s backlink profile. You can also get help in discovering the new backlink. Ahrefs is a very good tool for SEO auditing. It provides detailed information.

SEMrush superior features are keyword research. It is a better tool to find new keywords for you to organic traffic as well as a paid search campaign. It is also good for keyword rank tracking. The tool finds out the position of your keywords that is most important for you in Google search results. SEMrush is very good for Competitive analysis. You can understand online marketing steps adopted by your competitors.

Other Features

Ahrefs and SEMrush both tools come with very helpful tools for the online search. These features are less critical as above, but necessary and worth understanding. After getting full insight only you should make a purchase decision.

Bottom Line

Ahrefs and SEMrush are both excellent tools available in the market. Marketers get happy with both alternatives. However, on an overall basis, SEMrush outperforms over Aherfs.

Semrush vs SERanking

SE Ranking vs SEMrush – Pricing

Ahrefs and SEMrush are both excellent tools available in the market. Marketers get happy with both alternatives. However, on an overall basis, SEMrush outperforms over Aherfs.

SERanking Pricing

SERanking Pricing

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SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush Pricing

Do Want a 14 day SEMrush free trial?

Click here to grab 14 days FREE trial of SEMrush (Worth $99.95)

SE Ranking vs SEMrush – Main Features

SE Ranking vs SEMrush – Ease of Use

Ease of Use- SE Ranking

SE ranking does not charge, a dime to get a taste of its features. New users are allowed for a 14-day free trial period in which you get access to it’s all features. Once you enter, you’ll find, SE Ranking is a more direct tool. SEO analysis is a complex process to understand focusing on numerous parameters. SE Ranking simplifies everything straight forward.

It starts by asking your site details, keywords targeted, and main competition. It ultimately conducts a fast audit of your site’s SEO and related keyword rankings. The live chat option is also there in case of difficulties but the total layout is simple and enough clear to understand. It is very easy to understand even for the people who are just starting.

SE Ranking is having 5 main menu options- Dashboard, Projects, Report Builder, Users, plus Tools. The SE ranking system is very neatly designed for your on boarding. You can find your ways without any difficulties. SE Ranking not only provides all these but also helps you in formulating your marketing strategies. It has a tool called “Marketing Plan”. SE ranking is quite resourceful and able to provide an exhaustive SEO checklist to start.

Ease of Use ( SEMrush)

SEMrush is different in its approach to SE Ranking. It doesn’t leave the basic need for direct features. This tool is also quite direct. To start it will ask domain name and after hitting start now button. SEMrush will conduct a quick SEO analysis and the report will be displayed. You will get search traffic data, the main competitors, and competitive positioning map. It will also present the inbound backlinks, referring domains, anchor text, etc. You can also get details of paid search traffic. It will also fetch the top-performing organic keywords.

To provide comprehensive insight the SEMrush interface has a lot going in the background simultaneously. This is to provide simplicity in the cost too.  

To start with SE Ranking or SEMrush is straightforward in their uses. There is no much complication even for the people who are starting. Just enter the details and conduct deep SEO research. Within minutes, you will be getting the related insights.

The dashboard of SE Ranking comes with a clean and clear system, while SEMrush has a crowded dashboard. It is not properly organized. It may take some time to familiarize yourself with it.  

Verdict 🔨

Overall basis SE Ranking is the wins in Ease of Use round.

SE Ranking vs SEMrush – Keyword Research

SERanking : Keyword Research

SE Ranking: Keyword Research

Although there is no direct Tools tab, Keyword Research is one of the important tools offered by SE Ranking. It’ helps to research paid and organic keywords. It also presents the traffic patterns.

You can also get a specific keyword’s search metrics. It will provide you a list of its top ranking websites, related and similar keywords. You can also get an insight into the popular keyword ads, and along with the Keyword Effectiveness Index.

SE Ranking: Keyword Suggestions

If you want to find new keywords for your website, you can use the “Keyword Suggestions” tool. SE ranking tool analyses billion of the search terms and presents the most relevant keyword for your site

SE Ranking Similar Keywords

The finding process takes up to 10 minutes. But you’ll have sufficient keywords. It would be sufficient to keep you working for year a long time  

SE Ranking: Keyword Grouper

The “Keyword Grouper” Subsequently, provides a perfect keyword distribution framework for your web pages.

SE Ranking: Search Volume Checker

This tool helps get estimate the amount of traffic you will be getting from your keywords.

SE Ranking: Paid Traffic Research

Paid traffic research helps to explore various PPC keyword options. You can get an insight into your ad campaigns with this tool. The Ad history section provides the details of the past traffic trends of various paid keywords.

SEMrush: Keyword Research

Once you fill a particular keyword SEMrush will fetch detailed information about that keyword. It will present the organic and paid traffic regards to that keyword. You will get details of the monthly search volume, several results, top ranking domain, and cost per click.


SEMrush: Keyword Difficulty


SEMrush’s Keyword Difficulty tool and SE Ranking’s Keyword Effectiveness Index is similar instruments. Its does deeper searches and produces result data to strengthen more chance for ranking for a specific keyword. So, you would be able to find the most important keywords to focus on.


SEMrush: Keyword Magic Tool


Have you ever not felt as if you’re lacking in the relevant keywords for the requirement of your site SEO? Well, SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool helps in these sorts of dilemmas. It works just like SE Ranking’s Keyword Suggestions. Even it provides additional information for each keyword, including the search trends, keyword difficulty, CPC, etc.


SEMrush: Ad Research


SE Ranking’s Paid Traffic Research Tool and SEMrush Ad Research tools are of the same in the feature. They essentially search deeply into Google’s PPC data. They present traffic ideas for various keywords. It also provides history metrics for paid ad keywords for the competition.

Verdict 🔨

SE Ranking vs SEMrush Research Winner is SEMrush Both tools provide reliable research metrics. However, SEMrush offers deeper insights than SE Ranking. So, SEMrush wins this SE Ranking vs SEMrush comparison with thin margins.

SE Ranking vs SEMrush – Site Audit

SE Ranking Site Auditing

SE Ranking: Website Audit Tool


Once you sign up, you’ll find the Website Audit Tool on the SEO/PPC Competitors Research area. You can analyze all the SEO aspects for your site for example headers, content, parameters per page, user experience, image optimization, meta-tags, XML sitemap files, and links, etc . Then they can be reviewed from the point of mobile and web SEO optimization. Finally, this tool provides a grade that reflects the overall SEO health. It also presents critical and important fixes.


SE Ranking: On-Page Checker


The On-Page Checker narrows its analyses to a particular webpage. It provides insight into content, image optimization, index status, webpage’s social signals, keyword density, page speed, headers, links, URL structure, title tags, meta-tags, and domain characteristics. It recommends the fixes if issues found.


SE ranking: Backlink Checker


As the name suggests it provides analysis about backlinks. It diagnoses any backlink upshots based on various parameters like Moz Domain Authority, server IP address, Google index status, social popularity, Majestic Trust Flow, Alexa rank, URL, and the number of external links.

SEMrush Site Auditing

SEMrush: Site Audit Tool

SEMrush Site Audit Tool is a crawler and overall SEO optimization tools. It diagnoses the potential problems related to your site’s ranking. The element, it scans are external links, internal links, link attributes, sitemap, robots.txt, URL image optimization, meta-tags, headers, content, code scripts, etc. SEMrush presents a percentage score combining all these elements. The tool presents issues related to SEO and how to fix it.  

SEMrush: On-Page SEO Checker

As the name suggests, it focuses only on specific pages. Here also basically it applies auditing process The SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker is similar to SE Ranking’s On-Page Checker.

SEMrush: Backlink Audit Tool

SEMrush Backlink Audit Tool and SEMrush’s link doctor are similar. It provides backlink intelligence and strategy to be followed. Eventually, you can identify and remove bad links.

SEMrush: Content Analyzer

Content is very crucial from an SEO point of view, SEMrush delivers loopholes in the content through the Content Analyzer tool. It examines the content’s health from SEO points of view and, presents the underlying issues.

Verdict 🔨

Site Auditing, Winner is SEMrush. It’s also well known that both the tools supplement each other with helpful pointers on how to solve the problems. However, their grading system is considerably different. A site audit By SEM rush produces a score of 93%, while SE Ranking graded it 70% on a free trial audit. SE Ranking free trial curtails information, while SEMrush free trial is genuine and most right compared to SE Ranking. We can easily conclude that SEMrush wins its rival SE Ranking in a site audit.

Final Conclusion SEMrush vs Aherfs Vs SERanking

Overall, the final take is that SEMrush is the overall winner in the comparison of SEMrush vs Aherfs vs SE ranking. SEMrush offers a more complete dashboard and data accuracy. It is truly an industry’s leading SEO Tool in comparison to Aherfs and SE ranking. Aherf takes its mediocre stand. SE Ranking is an upcoming SEO tool as a good budget alternative.


Most frequent questions and answers

It all depends upon, the services, you need from the tool.

Below is a smaller comparison.

  • MOZ -It is a balanced tool that can deal with content, off-site and technical SEO. It has a smaller link database than Ahrefs but getting larger day by day.
  • SEMrush- SEMrush is the best tool for keyword research and discovery.
  • Ahrefs- Ahrefs is good from the database from the backlinks point of view.

SEO tools cater to a particular service need more aggressively. Depending upon the service requirement, it can be chosen.

On popularity and  accuracy of results SEM rush outshines Aherfs.

Yes. SEM rush very much popular and accurate SEO tool.

The tool is worth of money for larger projects. Marketers love both the tool Ahrefs and SEMrush.

No, this is not a free tool.

Any score above 90% is a good score.

Well, this will largely depend upon your knowledge and expertise.

It all depends upon the size of the SEO project and service requirement. For smaller projects, it may be costlier.

It all depends on the pricing plan. It starts at $99 per month.

Aherf is an SEO tool that is used for SEO planning by marketer and site owners.

SEMrush is an All in One SEO tool for SEO Professional. 

If you are an agency, seo expert, marketer, digitl marketer, social media marketer, market researcher etc. You can use this ultimate SEO tool.

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