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Google SEO Ranking Factors 2018 - Digital Upendra

Google SEO Ranking Factors Checklist 2020

Ranking in Google SERP is one of the most priority to get rank & relevant traffic. I’m damn sure you must looking for Google SEO Ranking Factors 2018 or SEO Checklist.
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Anyway, I tried summarised all Google SEO Ranking Factors 2020 & SEO Checklist below which will help you to get ranking & relevant traffic.

Google SEO Ranking Factors – Priority 1

1. Direct website visits – 
Direct traffic is an important source of a visit to your website. Direct traffic is defined as visits with no referring website.
Direct traffic can come due to your internal employee logging onto the company’s webpage. To get correct data you can put filter our internal IP addresses.
Anyway, It is the most important Google ranking factor in 2018. I tell you why is the most important Google ranking factor because more people typing your brand name directly that means your brand awareness increasing or brand authority increasing or more people trusting.
That’s why I’m putting 1st thing this is a ranking factor.
2. Time on site – 
In Google ranking factors 2nd thing is “Time on site”. If you are getting more people it does not mean enough factor. If people visiting your site they must spend time on the website.
If a user is spending time average 3 mins then it will good for your brand that means people are liking your content & they are interested in your products or services.
3. Pages per session –
Page per session is the average number of pages viewed during a session on your website. If users visiting more pages that mean user more engaged for more pages per session.
4. Bounce rate –
A bourne rate is a number of single-page visits by visitors to your website.
In Analytics, a skip is ascertained particularly as a session that triggers just a solitary demand to the Analytics server.

For example when a user opens a single page to your website after which exits without triggering another request to the Analytics server in the course of that session.

5. CTR – CRT denoted as Click through rate. It is a very important Google ranking factor or important SEO checklist element. It helps you to get more traffic. CTR is the ratio of users who click on specific links – it could be coming from email, paid ads, referral websites, direct traffic etc.
How CTR calculated – Google Ranking Factors - Digital Upendra
For Instances –
If your website is getting 5 clicks & 1000 impression that means your CTR is 0.5%.
Get high CTR means your ad is relevant & getting high traffic.
6. Total referring domains – Referring domain is the domain that backlinks are coming from. Their domain authority, Page Rank & Alexa Rank help to get more trust.
According to Moz study, It is a very important Google ranking factor. More Referring domain means more trust & More backlinks.
7. Total Backlinks – Google still gives importance to backlink for a particular keyword or page. It is a very important ranking factor. 
Let’ know what is backlinks – Backlinks are reference link which came from other web pages. There are lots of ways to get it.
For instances – Classified Submission, Social Bookmarking Submission, Image Submission, PDF Submission, PPT submission, Article Submission, Press Release, Video Submission, Directory Submission, Guest Posting Etc.
8. Schema Markup – 
1. What is Schema Markup – Schema Markup is a collection of schemas for structured data markup. It helps search engine to understand better for website unique content. If you implement this schema markup in your post. it helps to get more CTR, Trust etc. See how it appears.
2. Types of Schema Markup
  • Articles
  • Local businesses
  • Restaurants
  • TV episodes and ratings
  • Book Reviews
  • Movies
  • Software Applications
  • Events
  • Products

You are worried about How to implement schema markup to your site using Google Tag Manager Follow this article.

Google SEO Ranking Factors – Priority 2

09. Selection of keywords – We must do keyword selection very carefully. Always select a relevant keyword for your business.
10. Google Analytics Code – Analytic code help you to get an analysis of organic, direct, social & paid traffic.
11. Google Webmaster Tool Code – Once you registered in google webmaster tool you will get user queries, 404 errors pages & google warning.
12. Content length – Google loves longer content rather than shorter content. Always try to get unique & fresh content on a particular page including keywords.
13. Duplicate Content  – Google hates duplicate content. Always keep in the mind that we should never use copied content. If you will use copied content. Google can hit a penalty on your website.
14. Keyword in anchor Text – Anchor text means that when doing backlink activity and hyperlink a keyword + brand name in a third party website its called anchor text. It is used in backlink strategies.
For instance – If you use SEO company in Lucknow – Digital Upendra or Digital Upendra SEO company in Lucknow.
15. Keyword in the body – Keyword in a body that means how many keywords or phrase and its variation used in a unique way. It helps google bots improve ranking because bots trust that it more relevant keyword to your business.
16. Keyword density – Keyword density means that how many percentages of times appears in content to compared to a total number of words in a webpage.
17. Keyword in the title –
18. Keyword in meta –
19. Video on the page –
20. H1 Tag –
21. Alt Tag –
22. Internal Links –
23. Blogs on Website –
24. External Links –

Google SEO Ranking Factors – Priority 3

25. HTML Sitemap
26. Canonical Tags –
27. URL Structure –
28. Breadcrumbs –
29. 404 Page –
30. Broken link check –
31. 301 Redirection –
32. Page Speed –
33. XML Sitemap –
34. Robot.txt –
35. Social Sharing Buttons –
36. Responsive Website –
38. Site Structure –
39. SSL / HTTPS –
40. AMP –
Best Google SEO Ranking Factors 2020
Best Google SEO Ranking Factors 2020 - Digital Upendra

Google SEO Ranking Factors Checklist 2020 Ranking in Google SERP is one of the most priority to get rank & relevant traffic. I'm damn sure you must loo

{Updated} Free Indian Classified Submission Sites List 2018

Classified Submission Link Building -Digital Upendra

What are Classified Submission Sites?

Classified submission is one among the foremost authoritative ways to let the planet apprehend your business and repair. It includes SEO ways for website promotion by driving potential consumers and generating sales for merchandise or services

Classified submission sites are one among the best and fastest activities from the core of off-page. essentially classified posting is classified in 2 varieties i.e. it’s out there for each paid and free.

High PR classified posting websites are terribly effective to provide leads and promote merchandise and services on-line at freed from price. Classified submission sites will boost higher ranking in major search engines and turn out additional leads for your organization. As earlier I same, it’s Associate in Nursing activity from the core of the OFF-page activities.

How to do Classified Submissions Properly?

In order to try the classified submissions properly, you want to follow the below-mentioned guidelines:
Find out solely the native classifieds sites that square measure targetting your main region corresponding to if your business belongs to us then submit your business listing in us classified sites.
List your business within the relevant class solely.
Make complete profile as well as your business data, business brand or image, ad title, description and additionally the contact data of your business.
If potential try and get a backlink to your website within the ad description.
Don’t do automatic classified submissions through the package. target doing manual submissions albeit you are doing one time daily.
Keep your sales promotions revived once a specific amount otherwise your ads can expire.
Use decision to action words within the sales promotions so users encourage purchase|to shop for} your product or services corresponding to buy currently, discount offers for the restricted amount, the decision currently etc.

Benefits of Classified Submissions – 

  1. Classified submissions help the business to list within the native classified sites and so promoting their business.
  2. Classified submissions will bring traffic, visitors, leads, sales and conversions to your business.
    Classified submissions enhance your computer programme rankings and Google places or Google listing rankings.
  3. Classified Submissions will bring you in front of potential patrons.

Are you the beginner in SEO? Use the below listed free classified submission sites that may assist you in the free ad and generate high price in link building.

Few Do Follow Classified Website List!
Classified Sites LisPage Rank
https://classifieds.blackworld.com5 4  4   4
https://freeadsonline.biz2   1

I hope you like it so please this blog by hitting below button & keep reading other blogs.

Reading list – 

Off Page SEO – What is Off Page SEO Techniques Guide 2018

How to choose best SEO Company for your Business?

What is a blog/blogging, How to start a blog/blogging?

{Updated} Free Indian Classified Submission Sites List 2018
{Updated} Free Indian Classified Submission Sites List 2018 - Digital Upendra

What are Classified Submission Sites? Classified submission is one among the foremost authoritative ways to let the plan

Top Off Page SEO – What is Off Page SEO Techniques Guide 2020 {Updated}

Off Page SEO Techniques


SEO is the biggest techniques of getting good ranking on google search engine ranking posting.

This technique will help you in good ranking but also increase good quality referral traffic.

But days google algorithms having a close watch on Off Page SEO Techniques. So that we have to pre-decided clear Off Page SEO strategy for your band.

You can not start listing your brand on a random website.

You must have a plan because you will not get quality traffic (industry relevant websites) & your domain name will not point out by other good domain authority website.

I hope you get shot info about Off Page SEO Techniques.

This article “Off Page SEO – Best what is Off Page SEO Techniques Guide 2020” will help to increase ranking in Google SERP.

So friends, keep reading my blog which will give a clear idea about on below things.

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Type of SEO.
  3. what is Onapge SEO?
  4. what is off page SEO?
  5. Why is Off-Page SEO important?
  6. What are the benefits of ‘off page SEO’ to website owners?
  7. Conclusion

So, let’s talk about from start.

What is SEO?

SEO denoted as a Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technical process for optimizing a website for search engine.

It helps to rank in google search engine by using of on page & off page technique. It is important to every single business.

Many people or client ask me “Why should I do SEO?, What are the benefits of SEO?

Friends, I’ll answer these questions end of this article. Let’s understand about SEO first.

Type of SEO.

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO
Difference between on page and off page seo 2018
Image Credit

What is On-Page SEO?

On Page SEO is all about optimizing website pages with below-following SEO techniques for Google or other search engines. Below I’m proving the complete tips of On Page elements which will help you to increase the ranking of your website.

  1. Page Title
  2. Page Description
  3. H1 Tag
  4. Alt Tag
  5. Internal Links
  6. URL Structure
  7. Breadcrumbs
  8. 404 Page
  9. Broken link check
  10. 301 Redirection
  11. Page Speed
  12. XML Sitemap
  13. Robot.txt
  14. HTML Sitemap
  15. Canonical Tags
  16. Content Marketing
  17. Blogs on website
  18. External Links
  19. Keyword Research
  20. Keyword Density
  21. Keyword Variation
  22. Add modifiers (Best, Guide, Year, Top 10 etc)
  23. Schema Markup
  24. LSI
  25. Social Sharing Buttons
  26. Responsive
  27. Render Blocking Resources
  28. SSL / HTTPS
  29. AMP
  30. Site Structure
  31. Panda Risk Assessment
  32. Encourage Engagement
  33. Bounce Rate
  34. Google Analytics Code
  35. Google Webmaster Tool Code
  36. CTR Through Rate
  37. Traffic
  38. Time Spen on the website
  39. Bounce Rate
  40. Platform Concerns
  41. Search Box
  42. Quick Links
  43. Local Pack
  44. Image Pack
  45. Open Graph

Below image will help you understand whatever you just read. Just have a close look at this image.

off page seo technique 2018
Image Credit

What is off page SEO?

Off-Page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve your brand position in Google SERP.

Off Page Seo refers that you are doing different activity away from your website which helps to improve in a ranking of keywords.

I have given you an important factor of off page SEO. 

Linking Domains – How many domain pointing to your domain one of the important ranking factor. During our link building process, we must take care of that this thing because it helps in ranking.

Linking Pages – Linking a domain to your website. This could be another ranking factor. If link more pages within the website. It will always to rank in Google SERP.

Pagerank of Linking Pages & Linking Domain Authority – All pages cannot be equal so that each page has own limitation. If link higher page rank pages rather than link low PR rank. There will more changes to rank in Google SERP.

Link  Relevancy – Few SEO geeks believe that if you are getting a link from relevant pages to your website pages. This also can help in ranking.

Links from Hompage – Few SEO Expert links me believe that getting links from a homepage of a linking domain carry more strength than those on one of its pages.

No. of Dofollow & Nofollow Links – Google officially declares that they don’t count no follow links but do follow link could affect your ranking. So guys & gals I would like to suggest that go for do follow link instead of no follow a link.

Social Signals – I personally believe that it helps in ranking directly & indirectly. Why I’m telling it helps because it is an identity proves of your presence on a different platform. It helps to trust you that this business or person actually present.

How it helps in ranking factor –

  • How many people like your brand on Facebook.
  • How many people share facebook post.
  • How many Twitter followers you have.
  • How many tweets mentioning your brand name or including a link to your website.
  • How many people that “have you in their circles” (Google+)

Reviews – If I talk about recommendation it always matters. If I talk about layman buy something and his experience is good with it.

He might leave a review on the local page, facebook pages. It also helps to make trust & increase brand awareness.

In India personal recommendations always matters.

Link Anchor Text – Anchor text is another ranking factor in link building. Each link refers particular webpage which related to that anchor text. Below is the graph which will tell the exact story of it.

Off Page Link Building Technique Anchor Text Ranking Factors

Off page SEO Techniques 2019

Off Page SEO is a technique which increases keyword ranking & generates referral traffic in search engine ranking page by getting a quality link from a different website. Most of the people think about Off Page SEO is a link building but is more than that.

Below given off page SEO techniques not just helps to create referral traffic, improve ranking but also help to build an online reputation.

So friend please do know 63,832 Google searches in 1-second so that off page activity very carefully with organized strategy.

There are lots of off page SEO Google ranking factors. Check out below SEO terminology. I’m damn sure if you will use the technique. Definitely, it will help to generate the good amount of traffic & ranking

Social Media Engagement

[supsystic-tables id=2 ]

Social Bookmarking Submission

[supsystic-tables id=3 ]

Classified Submission

[supsystic-tables id=17]

Content Curation

[supsystic-tables id=14]


[supsystic-tables id=15]

Business Listing

[supsystic-tables id=16]

Forum Submission

[supsystic-tables id=4 ]

Blog Directory Submission

[supsystic-tables id=5]

Article Submission

[supsystic-tables id=6]

Question and Answer

[supsystic-tables id=7]

Document Sharing

[supsystic-tables id=13]

Image sharing

[supsystic-tables id=11]

Video sharing

[supsystic-tables id=10]

Infographics Submission

[supsystic-tables id=12]

Top Off Page SEO - What is Off Page SEO Techniques Guide 2020 {Updated}
Top Off Page SEO - What is Off Page SEO Techniques Guide 2020 {Updated} - Digital Upendra

OffPage SEO is the biggest techniques of getting good ranking on google search engine ranking posting. This technique will help you in good ranking but als

SE Ranking Tool : Must Used By Every Bloggers And Digital Marketer

SE Ranking Tool

SE Ranking Review : The SEO Tool Which Help To Outrank Your Competitors

2020 SE Ranking Review By a Long time user. This tool help to grow my online business. Start Using SE Ranking SEO Tool By Getting Discount with SE Ranking 14 days trail

What is SE ranking?

SE Ranking is cloud-based search engine optimization (SEO) tool which helps bloggers & digital marketing for their keyword search, competitor research, PPC strategies, website audit, social media analysis & marketing planning.

In this tool, you can check your daily ranking ups & downs, webmaster tool activity & website traffic.

In 2016 I started using this tool for the various client. before this using this tool I had tried many tools but they were not able to full fill my requirement and their UI & UX also was not user-friendly. Now I’m very happy using this tool. If are a blogger or SEO professional or digital marketer. You can buy this tool by clicking on SE Ranking banner. It will take you right place. Then you can check pricing & plan and start using 14 days trial period. If you like then you can buy.

SE Ranking Overview

Starting from: $7/month for 50 Keywords
Ending from: $ 719/month (You can them for discount, They will provide you upto 35% discount on annual plan.
Pricing Model: Subscription from 1 month to 12 month
Ranking Fluctuation – Daily, Every 3 days, Weekly. 
Free Trial: Available
Payment – Trail Period – No Payment, Paid – No Credit Card Required.


SE Ranking Features


  • Social Media Management


1. Keyword Rank Tracking (Best Instant Keyword Ranking)

2. Competitor SEO/PPC Research (Best SEMRUSH Alternative)

3. Backlink Explorer (Good Alternative Ahrefs)

4. Keyword Suggestion Tool (An Alternative!)

5. Backlink Explorer (Ahrefs Alternative!)

6. Website Audit (Best SEMRUSH Alternative)

7. Cost Effective SEO Tool (Best SEMRUSH, Ahref & Alternative)

SE Ranking Tool : Must Used By Every Bloggers And Digital Marketer - Digital Upendra
Note -

SE Ranking Tool : Must Used By Every Bloggers And Digital Marketer

SE Ranking Conclusion

Hope you got all information about SE Ranking Tools. Every blogger & digital marketing professional try this tool. Defiantly it will help to grow your business. If still you are not sure about this tool you can run SE Ranking 14 days trail for you business.

I’m pretty sure once you start using this tool, you can not live without buying.

SE Ranking Tool : Must Used By Every Bloggers And Digital Marketer
SE Ranking Tool : Must Used By Every Bloggers And Digital Marketer - Digital Upendra

SE Ranking Review : The SEO Tool Which Help To Outrank Your Competitors 2020 SE Ranking Review By a Long time user. This tool help to grow my online busine

Top 3 seo blogs you should start following today!

Top 3 SEO blogs you should start following today! - Digital Upendra

Top 3 SEO Blogs

Are you a digital marketing learner. enthusiast or marketing professional. You must follow few world wide popular seo blogs website.

Once you start reading about the changes and discoveries happening in the Digital World, you will never lag behind.

Keeping in mind, the three significant pillars of Digital Marketing, here is the list of blogs you can subscribe to and inspire the marketer in you.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Blogs

#1 Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel Blog - Digital Upendra This is one blog you can swear by when it comes to seamlessly useful tips & tricks for driving more traffic and generating more conversions from your visitors. Neil Patel has been blogging about SEO since over a decade and his enthralling writing style makes every blog worth a read. Patel delivers a fine combination of enough information with good use of realistic to make the blog more readable and facts more understandable, and do not miss the presence of humor and honesty too.

#2 Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google Webmaster Central Blog - Digital Upendra

What can come better than the big daddy search engine itself imparting you the latest updates around SEO. Google Webmaster Central Blog is the blog run by great engineers of Google and no other blog can beat the firsthand details they render in it. If you are looking up to all the latest news and updates for Search Engine Optimization, this blog is an all-time good option to keep your eyes on.  The blog follows no nonsense approach and concise writing.

The blog is run by Google Webmasters and keeps its readers plugged in with updates on the tools and approaches that Google adopts. Read its blog posts and you’ll know how it keeps the reader intact with focused information and not wasting your time anywhere.

#3 SEMrush Blog

SEMrush Seo Blogs - Digital Upendra

Looking out for a tool which can analyze your or your company’s efforts in amplifying SEO? SEMrush is a highly-recommended tool for such a need.  It is one of the competitive research services in the domain of online marketing. The blog brings to you fruitful advice’s shared by marketing experts at SEMrush on not one but many heads like SEO, social posts, email marketing, and much more. While reading the blog posts here, you will feel interacting with a marketing expert thus stands as one of the best options for the digital marketers who need actual answers.

Thanks, mates for reading my blog, Hope you like it. If your answer “Yes”. Please share my blog & keep open your eyes to read another blog which is “Top 3 Social Media Marketing blogs you should start following today!”.

How to choose best SEO Company for your Business

best SEO company - Digital Upendra
  •  How to choose the best SEO Company for your Business

Online presence has become essential for the success of any business venture these days. This has given birth to a number of companies offering best SEO company in Lucknow. Virtually you can find around a dozen in your locality itself. But the question that hits your mind when you are thinking of hiring them is “Is your company really in need of SEO service?

Known as Search engine Optimization, this helps your company with worldwide marketing in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Availing this service, not only traffic to your company websites increases but also your profit return.

Why should you hire a Best Seo Company?

For those undergoing the dilemma of hiring service from an SEO company in Lucknow, here are few reasons justifying the needs:

>Your business is in need of your attention and you lack the time needed for monitoring the company website and its statistics. Professionals render the time that is needed for monitoring your website statistics.

>Your company not possessing employees who are qualified enough for performing search engine optimization required.  Going for professional service helps you in overcoming this hassle.

>When despite implementing your skills to optimize the company website, you fail landing up with it successfully i.e. you are unable to improve the traffic rate and ranking on search pages. Going for an SEO agency in Lucknow, you will enjoy the work done reliably in a short time span. They have experienced personals who are well aware of the latest SEO strategies and implement the same in doing your work.

Some factors to look for when searching for an SEO company

In this scenario of searching for the best SEO company, there are certain considerations that are necessary to be kept into concern.

  • Look for companies ensuring your website top ranking. This can be ascertained by keeping into concern the goodwill of the company you have selected to for availing service.
  • Never feel that companies charging you low are the ones offering you the worst or mediocre service and those charging high lending the best service. If you take into concern thorough search, you can find the best SEO company in Lucknow offering reliable service but charging low.
  • Go to a company providing scheduled reporting. They can be tagged as the best local SEO company Lucknow.
  • A company that takes up all the latest SEO strategies into concern when working for any website is the one that can be relied upon as the one offering the best SEO services in India.

Final Thought

Now that you are aware of the needs of hiring an SEO company and the things to keep into concern when hiring, it cannot be left out missing that most of these companies offer service in packages. The cost of these packages varies depending upon the service ranges they consist of. Hence keeping into concern for your needs, you can hire the best package from the best SEO agency. The returns that you are going to enjoy this investment are something that you are going to cherish. So go for it and search for the best Local SEO company which help to grow your business.

3 factors will change your SEO Strategy 2020

SEO Strategy 2019

3 factors will change your SEO Strategy 2020

The coming year will set a benchmark in the methods today’s businesses are advertising their services and products. An improvement in the ranking in the context of Search Engine Optimization is what marketers are concerned about large currently. Driving good quality traffic to your website, attaining visibility are few of the perks that SEO provides you with.

Hence, the significance of SEO will be at its peak in the coming year as almost twelve to thirteen billion web searches are carried out almost every month. Create eye-catching graphics and content, with the help of best SEO agency in Lucknow and gain credibility like never before.

Developments in the world of SEO

If thinking of driving traffic to your portal from paid and organic sources, then SEO is the best option. Rank at the top of the SERPs pages with the assistance of companies from whom you can receive the best SEO services in Lucknow. For instance, the content length must be at least two thousand words for any website page if you want your website to rank in the top ten results.

However, you can be unaware of such vital information in case you don’t get associated with a reputed SEO company. Take a look at the SEO trends that will be ruling in 2017.

  • The significance of mobile optimization

    – As the number of audiences has increased in the current times and also they can access your website through various sources, it is crucial that you make your portal mobile-friendly. The best SEO company will strive in developing SEO strategies that are apt for Smartphone searches. Colors, fonts, logo designs and contents are something that the technical team will be stressing upon while creating your website.

  • Content aggregation –

    Social media, wiki, images, news, knowledge graph are some of the vital subjects on which many web users tend to find information on. Hence, you must focus on content aggregation as by this displaying and collate content around particular categories of subjects becomes easier. With this, your target audience will also find a lot of appeal on your website. Take SEO services and experience all these benefits.

  • Growth in the local SEO –

    When you are a marketer, it is vital that you make sure the search engine knows your location and the services you are putting forward to your relevant audience. Name of your address and business are the things that must be present in the local pages. Keywords that are location specific are of utmost importance.

Tapping into the millions of target users to your portal automatically simplifies when you get in touch with a genuine SEO company. It is of utmost importance that you bring your services to the notice of your budding customers.

Creating a business website and waiting for your services to be visible to the whole world is simply not enough in the current times. Marking and maintaining your online presence is what is important and this becomes possible when you start taking the SEO services.

3 factors will change your SEO Strategy 2020
3 factors will change your SEO Strategy 2020 - Digital Upendra

3 factors will change your SEO Strategy 2020 The coming year will set a benchmark in the methods today’s businesses are advertising their services and prod