Top 50+ High DA Dofollow Free Video Submission Sites List 2019-2020

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Free Video Submission Sites List

Articles are the basic thing that does the SEO of your site, but there are other content categories that ease out the same task and that too in style. One such element is definitely the images of your site, which when attached with Alt text, does real magic for your site, in terms of traffic. Another thing that does a great job is your site videos. They are the content type that can fetch you money, can bring traffic to your site and all the tasks are done by them at ease. What you need to do here is to circulate your videos at different sites, so that they can be availed easily and the viewers can reach yours from different sites. To enjoy the effect of this magic, what you have to do is to get a list of the Free video submission sites and share the link of your videos out there.

What is video submission?

Before going for the list of the Free video submission sites, you will be definitely looking to run through the different benefits that free video submission is going to give you. We will be disclosing that details to you, but before that, will take two minutes of you and narrate what exactly video submission is.

Video submission is the process you follow to submit your video link to different sharing sites that allows video links. The viewers of those sites, which are mainly social bookmarking sites or social media sites, find your video and watches them, which ultimately drives them to your site.

Now, there are different portals to do the same, but your choice must be to arrange that click from the free sites. This will be easier for you and highly fruitful for you too. Now, your question is – how much fruitful that is going to be? Just get through the benefits of Free video submission sites, below and you will surely react sooner.

Benefits of free video submission

To start with, let us tell you, that selecting Free video submission sites will save your cost and will give you lot many options too, as, in terms of numbers, those are much more than the paid sites. Not only in numbers, but visitors in those sites is also much more than the paid sites. Hence, free listing always gets the edge here. The other benefits that you will get adjoined with this are –

  1. It is much easier to attract viewers and traffic to your site with videos, while compared with that of articles. Visitors now like to get through the contents faster and they want to deploy their time on the content of those sites only, which they have bookmarked or subscribed. A Video is capable to attract the viewers in a few minutes and that attraction even remains highly motivating – hence effective.
  • Now, most of the Free video submission sites are social bookmarking sites and hence are trafficked by a huge number of visitors. Naturally, your chance of getting views is much more. Now, whether that traffic is going to reach your site or not, depends on the quality of the video and the information you successfully conveyed.
  • The next thing is that when you submit your videos on the free sites, the video contains your business logo and your business ads too. Thus it will be the marketing of your site too. Thus, you are going to promote your business too at those free sites.
  • Videos usually have a different comment area and with that, you can build up a trust and faith among your visitors. Naturally, the visitors that will visit your main site will be quality traffic and that is going to increase your site rank, for the increased site stay time.
  • The final thing that you can consider is by putting the videos in the channels, where you can run ad sense separately than your site. Thus, you can generate revenue from that too. This is additional help that videos can give you and when you circulate the same at the Free video submission sites, the chances of revenue generation increases by a huge leap.

Tricks that can work best for you

So, the benefits that you are going to get from the Free video submission sites are by now clear to you. What you are left out with is to go for the URL submission at the free portals. Just you will have to create the free accounts, most of the time which you can do by your popular social site’s login only, and submit the video links there. To get the best views out of the traffic, you can go with the following tricks too. Those will be highly helpful for you too.

  • First of all, you will have to keep into account that your goal is to bring the traffic to your site. Thus, never give the full gallery out there in the Free video submission sites. If you are aware with the SEO sense, you know it well those different contents are to be created on the same topic and link those, so that the stay time of your visitors increase a lot. The same thing has to be applied here. You will have to create a series of videos and will have to connect those with endnotes or top-notes. Now, select the best among those, which you feel is ready to attract the viewers to the series and share that video only. This will create the sense among the viewers to watch the rest of the series and that will do the trick to bring them to your site.
  1. Another thing that has to be watched and you must take proper care that intensively is the title of the video and the tags that are attached to those. Make a short amount of research on the keywords and attach them with your videos to get the best result.


When you follow the tricks and share the videos on the different Free video submission sites, you will find the effect of the same within two weeks, but the effect of it is not confined till then.  The good effect of the videos continues to run for you, for the entire life span of your accounts on those platforms. This is the key area of the video submission. Hence, start doing the sharing and get an instant effect.

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Top 50+ High DA Dofollow Free Video Submission Sites List 2019-2020
Top 50+ High DA Dofollow Free Video Submission Sites List 2019-2020 - Digital Upendra

Free Video Submission Sites List Articles are the basic thing that does the SEO of your site, but there are other content categories that ease out the same

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