Webinar Ninja Review 2020: Read This Before You Buy It +Features & Pricing

If you’re looking for all in one webinar software with a marketing and lead generation focus, Webinar Ninja looks like an excellent solution.

So, how does Webinar Ninja measure up in practice? Does it deliver on its promises and is it a better solution than Zoom?

Let’s find out.

What is Webinar?

Webinar is a web-based seminar or you can say a Virtual Meeting via Conferencing Software which includes meeting in a group through video conference, Presentation, Lecture, Workshop & National or International seminar through which a message or important details has been shared through a web by using video conferencing software.

In Webinar there is no need of Video Chat or Camera you can go through without Video Chat or means to say join a meeting only with Speakers or headphones.

A key feature of a webinar is joining a Virtual Meeting in short span of time & convey lots of messages or important documents via Webinar without personal interaction.

What is Webinar Ninja?

Webinar Ninja is an All In One Marketing Platform through which we can interact with many people’s with the easiest method. Through Webinar Ninja, You can Go through Automated Live Webinars, Customized Your Emails, Follow another page’s also, Run Live & do Recording, Chat options and many more customer-friendly features are available in Webinar Ninja.

The Webinar Ninja is an effective software platform in modern Era and people can use this for marketing purpose, sharing useful information and many things which makes a profit for the customer.

5 Reasons To Prefer Webinar Ninja

◆ Easy To Use with No Higher Cost

◆ Create Webinar in a short Span of Time within 10-15 seconds.

◆ No Limitations of Attendees and do marketing or sales business.

◆ Run Live, Automated, Series, Summits & Hybrid Webinars all features you can create through Webinar Ninja.

◆ No need of any extra software for working in Webinar Ninja, Customer just need to go through directly via web browser, desktop or any mobile device.

Best Features of Webinar Ninja 2020

  • Less Time Taken

Customer can go through a webinar in a short span of time within seconds, It’s very less time taken and people can interact directly after login or Sign Up option.

  • Run Live Webinar

Customer can easily Run Live Webinar and interact with audience.

  • No Buffering or Interruption during Live Webinar

Webinar Ninja doesn’t have any kind of Interruption or No Buffering while connecting or interaction with a live audience, Its a very important feature as compare to other software Webinar Ninja provides you best Live Webinar without Buffering Or Interruption Video.

  • Series Webinars

Webinar Ninja is a Software through which we can Run Multiple or Group of Sessions, Workshops, Live Meetings, Courses, Presentations, Summits & many more things in a form of series.

  • Automated Webinar

In this Software customer can do Live recording on a certain time and watched it later whenever you needed, basically, a recording option is available.

  • Hybrid Webinars

Webinar Ninja gives you Hybrid Webinar facility which means Host of the Webinar Combines or Connect Attendees with a Pre-Recorded Video.

  • Chat Option

Customer can do chats or also Save in their Inbox too, also they can Share Emojis while chatting with the attendees.

  • Uploading Slides

Customer can share or Upload Powerpoint Slides & Display them without Sharing Screen, which means Host of the Webinar shares useful information easily with the Attendees.

  • FAQs Option

Frequently asked Question option is also available in Webinar Ninja through which Attendees can easily asked question directly to Host and chat is not deleted it is automatically save in Q&A Area.

  • Share Or Insert Video

During Live Webinar Host wil share or insert any video which is important for Attendees.

  • Multiple Offers

Webinar Ninja GIves you Multiple Offers which is beneficial for Customer Profit, You can display or demand at any time.

  • Block Option

Like Facebook & Other Social Sites you can Block your Attendees Before Webinar, During Live Webinar & After Completion of Webinar via using Block Option.

  • Polls Option

In this Platform Host will Run Or Show Multiple Polls During Live Webinar, Before webinar & After completion of Webinar, we can see results instantly while running multiple polls.

  • Upload Your Videos

Customer can upload their own videos at any time with a short span of time or instantly.

  • Statistics Option

Webinar Ninja has Statistics option through which Host will know the Conversion & Attendance Statistics or Rate, With This Feature we will know how well our Webinar is running and also the number of attendance who joined our Webinar recently. Host will share their Own Webinar Statistics, Chat History, Questions & Polls with Anyone Via Simple Sharing Option.

  • Save Your Date in Our Media Library

Webinar Ninja has a Media Library through which customer can save their images, data, templates, slides, videos in our library & when you are Running Live Webinar or whenever you needed to share with Other person you can easily Use them.

  • Email Notifications & Automation

You can Automatically send Reminder Emails or Send Notifications to all the Attendees or Non Attendees & convey a message quite easily va email notifications.

  • Thank you Page Templates

You can use our Thank you page templates via using your own Templates, Videos, Images, Logo & many things through which you can say Thank you to the Attendees.

  • Easy Sign Up Option

Webinar Ninja has easiest Sign Up option which includes Personal Details, Present Work, Experience and many more things which is necessary for the verification of User.

  • Add To Calendar

You have Add To Calendar through which Customer can Add Your Webinar To Their Google, Yahoo or Outlook Calendars.

  • Hide Option

This is an important feature through which customer can hide their own attendees or the person who joins the webinar from another person.

  • Help Option

Customer can ask for help with Our Website Customer Supportive Help Desk, they will guide you and interact with the latest features too.

  • No Delay In Webinars

There is No Delay in Webinars which means you will instantly connect Live Webinars with Webinar Ninja Platform.

  • Supportive With All Device

Webinar is a Supportive device with all Devices such as Phone, Tablet, Mac, laptop, Chrome Book, Android and any devices.

  • GDPR Complaint

You can our GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) complaint option whtever you have doubts or consent you can use our this feature.

  • Search Engine Option

It has most important feature that is Search Engine option through which anyone can search you via using your own webinar name.

  • Paid Webinars

You can your Paid Webinars with our Stripe Integration or Paypal option with no fees of extra charge.

Advantages of Using Webinar Ninja

◆ All in One Multitasking Software.

◆ Interact with many people in short span of time via video conferencing.

◆ Share or Private Webinars with the Attendees.

◆ Get Free 14days Trail and Low Cost Software.

◆ Easy to use and very efficient in working.

◆ Sharing of Templates, images & Video is an attractive feature of this Software.

◆ Host will Provide Useful Powerpoint Slides with an attendees.

◆ No Video Needed you can join Webinar Ninja with an off camera.

◆ Help Desk is available for customer queries

◆ Chat options are available to interact and convey useful messages

◆ No need to download unnecessary software you just need a web browser for this.

◆ Block option is also available like Facebook, Whatapp and other social sites.

◆ Connect with webinar within seconds.

◆ No buffering or disturbance in Webinar.

◆ Supportive with all Devices.

◆ Statistics option or in other words Judging your own attendance option is available.

◆ Q & A anf Polls are also available in Webinar Ninja

◆ Easy Sign Up Option

◆ Webinar ninja having lots of Customer friendly features.

◆ Connect Or Intereact Multiple People’s in one Platform.

◆ Pre Recording Option is Available.

Disadvantages Of Webinar Ninja

This is an extremely high rated all in one multitasking software and give lots of features but quite fewer disadvantages are also faced by customers in recent time some are as follows :

◆ Suddenly Stop Working but not during live Webinars

◆ During stoppage of service it is not showing any kind of online error, you may think your data is uploading but in reality its not.

◆ Sometimes customer service will not available or guide you properly.

◆ Need Good 4G Updated Mobile Networking Service to Run Webinar Ninja Properly.

Pricing of Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja gives you low and affordable pricing in which customer will get more profits in less money.

◆ First 14 days it is Free Trail For our Benefits.

◆ Then you can buy 39$/Month plan through which you can Join with 100 attendees.

◆ for 1000 attendees customer should give 199$/Month

Many other cheap plans are also available in Webinar Ninja.

image 1

How To Do Sign Up?

It’s a very easy process to do Signup in Webinar Ninja just you need to click Registration Option in which Customer need to Fill out Personal Details & other relevant details and after filling successfully you will be eligible to join Webinar Ninja.

Customer doesn’t need to do Login Process frequently once you entered in Webinar Ninja You have to save password option available.


Webinar Ninja is an All in One Best Digital Software which interact multiple peoples and convey lots of messages, Useful PowerPoint Slides, Workshops, Lecture and Also Connect with International Seminar via using Video Conferencing.

It is the most frequently used software and give the best service amongst all webinars, It provides you with better service at Low & Affordable fees. Webinar Ninja has a very impeccable record & have lots of useful features which attracts people’s a lot.

Presently it’s the easiest webinar through which you can interact many people and has No Complaints at all, Yes some review says that some times Webinar Ninja doesn’t work properly but its an exceptional case rest of the features are outstanding and terrific in Modern Era.

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